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Fastening, Joining and Assembly

Fastening, Joining and Assembly


Extruded aluminum enclosures in both panel-mounted and freestanding models are standard "E" Series cases. They come in 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 DIN sizes with integral card slots on 0.2 centers. Cases are delivered with a black wrinkle powder coat or clear anodize finish. Accessories, screen printing, and different finishes and sizes are also available.

Buckeye Shapeform , 555 Marion Rd., Columbus, OH 43207; FAX (614) 445-8224;

Tie holder

A flat tie holder is presented in three sizes leveraging a double-backed, rubber-based adhesive. This is an alternative to the manufacturer's acrylic-based adhesive. The new rubber adhesive functions on many surfaces and offers a quick stick solution when parts will be used soon after application. The device will hold a variety of cable ties that range from 18 to 225 lbs.

Richco , 5825 N. Tripp Ave., Chicago, IL 60646; FAX (773) 539-6770;


SonoWeld(TM)Series multi-function metal welders perform spot welds in a single pulse with repeatable accuracy, and provide wire-to-terminal welding with additional tooling. The microprocessor-based unit can store and recall as many as 250 weld protocols and features an RS232 port for data transfer. Models are available in 1,500 and 2,500W.

Sonobond Ultrasonics, 1191 McDermott Dr., West Chester, PA 19380; FAX (610) 692-0674;


TempSeal Cement No. 3 is a fluid, inorganic adhesive that supplies electrical resistance to 2,200F. TempSeal is suited for assembly of heating elements, resistors, and other electrical components where extreme operating temperatures coexist with a humid environment. Cement No. 3 overcomes the permeability of ceramic materials by permitting a very low level of absorption.

Sauereisen , 160 Gamma Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2989; FAX (412) 963-7620

Assembly station

The Automatic Standoff Feeder and Electric Screwdriver System combines a vibratory bowl feeder with a precision torque screwdriver. Standoffs are fed in less than a second via a flexible tube. The driver's clutch automatically stops rotation once it reaches a pre-set torque.

ASG, 15700 S Waterloo Rd., Cleveland, OH 44110; FAX (216) 481-4519;

Tube fittings

Microlok(TM)Miniature Brass push-to-connect fittings are designed to provide a strong grip on all tubing. Straight fittings are made with a compact, nickel-plated brass body, while the shaped versions have a composite body with nickel-plated components. Both versions are designed to work with a wide range of tubing materials, and are available in male hex and round body styles.

Parker Hannifin - Brass Products Div. , 300 Parker Dr., Box 215, Ostego, MI 49078-1472; FAX (616) 694-4614; .


Available in a wide range of sizes, RiCase metal, modular housings may be configured for either standard or tower usage. The enclosure also can be configured as a portable unit with the addition of an optional handle. Accessories for the RiCase include keyboard covers, vertically hinged viewing doors, and security locks. EMC shielding can also be added.

Rittal Corp. , 1 Rittal Pl., Springfield, OH 45504; FAX (937) 390-5599;


Epoxy adhesives are formulated to bond rigid, durable substrates such as metals, glass, ceramics, concrete, and wood in all possible combinations. The epoxies cure at room temperature to a hard, clear bond within minutes of application. Nonshrinking, they function as sealing compounds. All adhesives in the line are applied with a dispenser that preserve unused adhesive for the next application.

Devcon , 30 Endicott St., Danvers, MA 01923; FAX (978) 774-0516

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