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DIRAK's New 1-103 Slide Shoe

Article-DIRAK's New 1-103 Slide Shoe

DIRAK's New 1-103 Slide Shoe

DIRAK introduces the new 1-103 Slide Shoe for Cams, designed specifically to prevent the panel surface from being scratched by the rotation of a cam during the closing and opening process. The 1-103 Slide Shoe allows the cam to slide easily during rotation, eliminating metal-to-metal friction often resulting in surface scratches and paint chipping. Fallen metal parts can cause short circuits and fallen paint particles can negatively affect the equipment inside the enclosures. The 1-103 Slide Shoe features a unique securing mechanism, referred to as the "Snap-Hook," which holds the Slide Shoe securely in place on the cam and prevents it from turning or becoming loose during the application life cycle.

  • Material of the 1-103 Slide Shoe has a low coefficient of friction thereby providing ideal gliding properties against metal panels. Wear or damage to the material is not incurred under load or surface movement.

  • The 1-103 Slide Shoe consists of two separate POM components, a housing and a latch wedge.

  • To attach the 1-103 Slide Shoe simply push the housing component onto the cam until it aligns with the cam. The latch wedge component is pushed to slide under the cam until the Snap-Hook securely latches into the opening with an audible "click" verifying proper installation. This latching mechanism eliminates the risk of the component falling off. In addition, the secure locking feature ensures that the 1-103 Slide Shoe will not twist out of place as the cam rotates or as pressure is applied.

  • The 1-103 Slide Shoe can be applied to any 35 and 45 mm single or 3-point cam having the standard 3 mm ramp.

  • The 1-103 Slide Shoe can be installed onto a pre-assembled quarter-turn after sliding the quarter-turn through the panel cutout. It can be easily retrofitted to any application.

DIRAK's New 1-103 Slide Shoe
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