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In brief

In brief

In weighting and balancing applications, "heavy" composites can enable designers to vary the weight of a component without changing its size. One family of high-specific-gravity materials, Thermocomp HSG from LNP Engineering Plastics , has been expanded to cover a specific gravity range from 1.7 to 10. The line now includes 14 different thermoplastic materials-including extrudable, plateable, and elastomeric grades. Users can specify the composites with a variety of mechanical and thermal properties. Thermocomp grades offering FDA compliance, x-ray shielding, or vibration damping are also available.

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Toughness and gloss don't have to be mutually exclusive in thermoformed parts. Styron A-TECH 1115, a new high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) from Dow Plastics , balances Gardner Gloss levels of up to 92% with a notched-izod impact strength of 4.2 ft-lb/inch at 73F and a Gardner impact greater than 320 ft-lb/inch at 73F. Compatible with smooth or textured finishes, this new HIPS is intended for parts such as glass caps in refrigerator components.

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Stone Effect compounds from Nu-Plast Inc. , bring the look of stone to rotomolded plastic components. These linear-low-density-polyethylenes emulate a variety of stone looks-including sandstone, dark millstone, white marble, green marble, and medium gray. UV-resistant grades are also available.

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For semiconductor wet bench construction, HPG International Inc. offers CPVC sheet capable of meeting FM4910 flammability requirements-a measure of the sheet's ability to limit fire spread and smoke damage in a clean-room environment. Called Brigade, this white, lead-free sheet product comes in 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/3-, 3/4-, and 1-inch gauges in 4x8 ft sheets.

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