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Lin Engineering's Xtreme Torque 4418 Step Motors

Article-Lin Engineering's Xtreme Torque 4418 Step Motors

Lin Engineering's Xtreme Torque 4418 Step Motors

The Xtreme Torque product line consists of a series of two phase hybrid step motors. Although these steppers are versatile enough to be used in a majority of motion control applications, the Xtreme Torque motors can be especially utilized in applications where space and torque are invaluable. This step motor series is currently being used in the following industries: medical, avionics, semiconductor and printing. The Xtreme Torque series has the potential to revolutionize the way NEMA 17 motors are being used. In today's marketplace, size is of the utmost importance. With the unique manufacturing process of this motor, it produces up to 35 percent more torque without requiring more space or power. Not only does this greatly increase space efficiency, it's also a great benefit in terms of energy savings. Engineers can now reduce the overall size of their machines and decrease energy use at the same time. Other NEMA 17 step motors assemble the two end caps to the stator in such a way that space is not fully utilized internally. When space is compromised, torque output is compromised. The Xtreme Torque series utilizes every millimeter of space to gain more torque than the standard motor, without increasing the overall length of the motor. Maximizing the real estate within the motor allows for the addition of more rotor laminations, and since torque is directly proportional to the rotor length, that is how the increase in torque is generated.

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