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LeCroy's WaveMaster 830 Zi

Article-LeCroy's WaveMaster 830 Zi

LeCroy's WaveMaster 830 Zi

The LeCroy WaveMaster 830Zi is the first and only oscilloscope to achieve a real-time bandwidth of 30 GHz, the highest real-time bandwidth available in the world. This oscilloscope provides engineers dealing with jitter, serial data integrity, and other high frequency test challenges a sampling rate of 80 Gigasamples/second on two channels, and a maximum acquisition memory of 512 Megapoints/channel so they can verify their high-speed designs with confidence. The WaveMaster 830 Zi de-embeds cables and test fixtures, emulates serial data channels, and simulates serial data receiver equalization even at the highest sampling speeds of 80 Gigasamples/second. Senior level design engineers who verify, test and debug serial buses of 3Gb and above, working with the highest speed serial data standards, such as SAS/SATA 6, PCIe Gen3, HDMI 1.3, and USB3, need speed and efficiency. Exceptional instrument responsiveness, 10-100 times faster processing throughput, large 15.3", 16:9 high-definition touch screen display, and both 50 I(C) / 1 MI(C) input capability provide deeper insight, faster debug, and more efficient validation. The digitizing system in the 830Zi utilizes LeCroy's patented Digital Bandwidth Interleaving (DBI) technology. The advantage of this method is that the front-end amplifiers are always operating comfortably in their rated frequency range, and there is no impact on electrical noise or signal fidelity. Thus, the basic 16 GHz bandwidth performance of the signal conditioning components can be increased to 30 GHz while maintaining the highest signal fidelity and noise performance. Sample rate and memory are likewise doubled. The bandwidth, sampling rate, and a deep acquisition memory enable large blocks of data to be acquired in real-time, allowing signal processing and detection of the data bits and computation of bit error ratios.

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