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Kollmorgen's Advanced Kollmorgen DriveTM (AKDTM Servo Drive)

Kollmorgen's Advanced Kollmorgen DriveTM (AKDTM Servo Drive)

The Ethernet-based AKDTM Servo Drive delivers best-in-class performance with industry-leading flexibility, scalability and power range to meet the unique performance requirements of nearly any application; from basic torque and velocity applications, to indexing, to multi-axis programmable motion. As a result, machine builders are able to standardize on a single drive family with a common Graphical User Interface (GUI) across the power range to deliver optimized machine performance, throughput and accuracy across multiple applications; while minimizing engineering time and costs associated with stocking, understanding and programming multiple types of drives. Of primary significance to design engineers is scalable programmability, which enables the AKD Servo Drive to satisfy the requirements of virtually any application ranging from a single axis of motion that is as simple as analog torque and velocity, to up to 128 axes of fully programmable synchronized motion. Additionally, the AKD Servo Drive delivers the versatility, communications, and power that OEMs need to expand machine performance and increase integration speeds. The AKD Servo Drive facilitates true plug-and-play operation with standard Kollmorgen servomotors and linear positioners to get an optimized, high performance system up and running quickly, in less space and for less cost, than lower performing options. Multiple Ethernet connectivity options available from the base hardware support a variety of open and closed protocols, without the need for separate option cards. And a broad power range in a smaller, compact design enables machine builders to use these robust drives with a single interface. With the ability to meet the performance requirements of most any application from the same base drive, scalable programmability, again, is a significant benefit that sets the AKD Servo Drive apart from other servo drives available today. Additionally, the AKD Servo Drive is uniquely capable of supporting the most commonly used feedback devices and Ethernet Motion buses from the base hardware, without the need for any separate option cards. Because these capabilities are available "out of the box" from the base hardware, the AKD Servo Drive maximizes quality and operational flexibility while reducing costs and overall footprint increases associated with integrating option cards. The AKD Servo Drive delivers patented Auto-tuning algorithms that automatically adjust all gains, and provides immediate and adaptive responses to dynamic loads and promises precise control of all motor types. Auto-tuning can also help overcome less-than-perfect mechanical designs and help machine builders solve even the most challenging scenarios by compensating for compliant transmissions and couplings that would otherwise rob a machine of its intended performance.

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