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Silicon photonics, fiber optic communications, design for chip-IP security and microsystems in NASA’s SOFIA project are just a few of the topics covered.

The second topic considers Design for Security as a way to protect our design intellectual property (IP) as well as our personal data. A new “Design for X” (where X = security) methodology is needed to deal with today’s silicon threats.

“As we move into the everything-connected-all-the-time era of devices where much of our personal information is accessible, we move into an era where designing for security is crucial,” explains Warren Savage, Visiting Researcher, Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security, University of Maryland. “Imagine what it will mean to our industry if the public loses all trust in our connected IoT gadgets as more data breaches occur, exposing our bank accounts, medical information, and more.”

Image Source: DARPA

Designing for security is a very complex endeavor as it involves not only hardware and software but also the entire supply chain. The era of exponential data generation and access is exploding around us at such speed that designers will need to increase their portfolio of skills now to include security.

In the last several years, DARPA has focused on the security threat with several initiatives as the US government acknowledges the risk not only to our data and design IP but also to our national security. This concern seems justified by the ongoing attacks by unfriendly foreign powers on IoT devices, power infrastructures, businesses, local governments and even private citizens.

In his keynote, Savage will show the community how we got to where we are today – from the days of single-transistor designs to billion-transistor system-of-chip (SoC) platforms and how design-for-security must become a ubiquitous part of the future.

To learn more, visit: Design for Security: The Next Frontier of Smart Silicon

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