A holiday gift guide for plastics people: Page 3 of 10

If you’re shopping for a younger member of the family with a budding interest in plastics processing, how about a desktop injection molding system?

LNS Technologies desktop molding press

LNS Technologies offers a kit that turns a workshop drill press into a plastic injection molding machine. Costing just $595, the PIM-Shooter Model 20A includes all the accessories needed to start producing plastic parts, except the drill press and mold clamp. LNS will even throw in an aluminum mold and supply of plastic pellets. A little too rudimentary? The company also offers the ready-to-use Model 150A (pictured) that works with low-cost aluminum molds. It will set you back $1800, but that may be a small price to pay if it leads to a fulfilling career.

Image courtesy LNS Technologies.

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