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There are many reasons to gift a long weekend in Chicago—the stunning architecture, the food, the blues bars—but if you’re shopping for a plastics enthusiast, you will want to make the Blocks to Bricks museum part of the experience.

Blocks to Bricks museum

Blocks to Bricks is described as an interactive,12,500-square-foot, walk-through art gallery–inspired installation telling the story of three-dimensional building toys including Lego, Erector sets, Lincoln Logs and more. At Blocks to Bricks you will be able to view the evolutionary development of construction toys while experiencing and interacting with the principles and elements of design that are behind their creation, explains the museum website. The mastermind behind this initiative has an interesting story in his own right.

Adam Reed Tucker started his professional life as an architect. He would use Lego bricks to explain architecture and engineering principles to lay audiences and developed a passion for the plastic bricks in the process. That eventually led him to work with Lego, where he created the acclaimed Lego Architecture line. He is a Lego Certified Professional, which is a pretty big deal, since there are only about 14 in the world.

As you might imagine, a significant amount of exhibition space is devoted to plastic, in general, and Lego, in particular. The museum is located at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL, which is about 25 miles from the Loop. General admission is $15. A Vault Tour is also available for $30, which is led by Tucker and includes a look at “rare artifacts and concept work,” according to the website.

Image courtesy Blocks to Bricks.

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