Here's what's on the plastics industry's wish list for 2020: Page 6 of 6

Close the loop

Tim Stedman, Trinseo“If the climate at October’s K Show in Düsseldorf was any indication, I am optimistic that we are on the cusp of a fundamental paradigm shift in the ways that plastic is perceived, used and re-used throughout our society. Participants up and down the value chain and across industries are recognizing plastic’s unique potential and proactively pursuing creative solutions to enhance profitability, durability and sustainability in their products simultaneously. In 2020, I hope to see further engagement with consumers to close the loop and realize fully circular systems for plastics.”
—Tim Stedman, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development, Trinseo


Uncertainty in the market
Dale Bartholomew, Japan Steel Works America“Plastic is being targeted in a lot of ways right now, and it’s resulting in a lot of uncertainty in the market. I wish we could change that, but there’s too much involved. Instead, we’re going to stay positive and focus on better meeting our customers’ needs. We’re also gearing up for the future because business is going to come back, and our customers are going to need the latest and greatest if they want to stay competitive.”
—Dale Bartholomew, National Technical Manager, Japan Steel Works America Inc.

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