Here's what's on the plastics industry's wish list for 2020: Page 5 of 6

The only way we win is by working together

Scott Tuten, Danimer Scientific“We have all seen the same question arise everywhere, from industry panel discussions to business news columns. Which is the more promising approach to eliminating the world’s plastic waste problem: Advancements in recycling infrastructure or biopolymer development? Our team’s wish at Danimer Scientific is that every industry involved in the lifecycle of plastic products will realize that there is a third option to solving this question, and that answer is collaboration. The only way we win is by working together, so we hope to see more openness between the recycling, packaging and bioplastics industries to find cooperative approaches to holistically reducing the environmental impacts of plastic waste.”
—Scott Tuten, Chief Marketing Officer, Danimer Scientific


A truce in the war against plastics

Alison Keane, FPA“In 2020, the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) would like to see a truce in the war against plastics and instead see an improvement in solid waste management and recycling infrastructure. Plastics, particularly flexible packaging, provide environmental and societal benefits that far outweigh the current lack of an end-of-life management system for such. In 2020, we should concentrate on real solutions to the U.S. recovery and recycling infrastructure rather than banning valuable and necessary packaging. Bans and taxes will not solve the 'plastics problem.'”
—Alison Keane, President and CEO, Flexible Packaging Association


My wish is for beauty

Eric Larson“My wish for 2020 is for beauty. That each and every day, wherever I may go, I am touched by the magic of life. Pure air with each breath. A clean and clear path with each step I take. Rivers running clear, the water sparkling and bright, as if I was the first one there. I wish this not just for me, or my children, but for all.”
Eric Larson, Mechanical Engineer, Owner of Art of Mass Production and PlasticsToday columnist

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