Here's what's on the plastics industry's wish list for 2020: Page 4 of 6

Put a better face on plastics

Steve Cunningham, Niigata“I wish our industry would be more proactive about the ‘problem with plastics.’ Positive TV commercials—like the one from American Family Insurance featuring JJ Watt showing a river clean up—teach that it’s not a plastics problem but a people problem. I’d like to see our industry go on the offensive and put a better face on plastics. Let’s produce our own commercial that shows people cleaning up and recycling plastics, not dumping them into the environment.”
—Steve Cunningham, General Manager, Injection Molding Division, Niigata Machine Techno USA Inc.


Recapture the full value of plastics

John Thayer Nova Chemicals“As we begin a new decade, I imagine a world where we recapture the full value of plastic and advance a robust plastics circular economy. Through innovation and collaboration across the entire value chain, I hope for a world with zero plastic waste in our natural environment and oceans. This must be our collective focus as we work together to shape a world that is better tomorrow than it is today.”
—John Thayer, Senior Vice President, Polyethylene, Nova Chemicals


We need skilled techs

“Two things are on my wishlist. Highly skilled techs—as automation grows, headcount decreases, placing a higher value on those who remain. And more flexible robots—they are slowing down the cycles and need to be built with faster end-of-arm multifunction tooling."
—Bill Tobin, Plastics Consultant at WJT Associates and PlasticsToday contributor

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