Here's what's on the plastics industry's wish list for 2020: Page 3 of 6

The China tariff

Glenn Frohring, Absolute Haitian“Absolute Haitian would like to see the China tariff situation stabilize during 2020 so that budgeting is more predictable for processors. We wish molding machine buyers would open their eyes to the value of strong aftermarket support. We see too many molders take a price-only view when making a purchase. They should consider total value, especially cost to operate (spare parts cost and availability). In 2019, Absolute Haitian picked up market share. We sure hope that 2020 brings more of the same.”
—Glenn Frohring, co-owner, Absolute Haitian


New class of smart polymers
Michael Paloian“I believe more research should be applied to integrating nano-particle technology with polymer chemistry, yielding a new class of ‘smart polymers’ that could be manufactured with additive manufacturing. The end result would be polymers that mimic muscle tissue and fully animated products, which are controlled with AI signals. This would revolutionize robotics, prosthetics and an endless number of devices not yet conceived.”
—Michael Paloian, President, Integrated Design Systems Inc. and PlasticsToday contributor


Remember Smokey the Bear

Len Czuba“I would like to see efforts put into solving the problem of plastic ‘waste’ in the environment (and in the oceans, in particular) by teaching the consuming public that the problem is not the plastics or the products made from them but rather how the plastic products are used and improperly discarded after use. If our fellow world residents could take seriously how to properly dispose and either reuse or recycle used plastic products, we would go a long way toward solving the current problems. Remember Smokey the Bear and his campaign slogan, “Only you can prevent forest fires”? Well, I think we need a similar campaign against those responsible for throwing plastic waste along roadsides, in our parks, waterways and ultimately in the so-called ‘ocean gyres.’”
— Len Czuba, President, Czuba Enterprises Inc.

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