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Three primary recovery strategies

Robert Lillienfeld“Why recover and not recycle? Because recycling, as we generally think of it, is only one of many ways in which materials (and their carbon sequestration and inherent energy values) can be recovered for purposes of circularity.

"For plastics, there are three primary recovery strategies, each with its own tactics: Polymer recovery via mechanical recycling; monomer recovery via chemical recycling; energy recovery via pyrolysis, thermal treatment, gasification, engineered fuels and so forth.

"The right strategy will be based on economic value and environmental efficiency (along with market requirements).”

—Robert Lilienfeld, Sustainable Packaging Consultant


A modernized recycling and recovery infrastructure

Tony Radoszewski, Plastics Industry Association“Our wish is for a modernized recycling and recovery infrastructure. An important part of that is Congress passing the RECOVER and RECYCLE acts. The RECOVER Act will give federal grants to states and municipalities to invest in improving their recycling programs. Cities will be able to upgrade their recycling plants and will collect more materials rather than having them go to landfills. The RECYCLE Act will invest in educating consumers about their local recycling programs. Together, these bills will improve our nation’s ability to recycle.”

—Tony Radoszewski, President & CEO, Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS)


Our need to believe in miracles

Allan Griff“Both industry and the public should see that plastics are essentially harmless and nontoxic; that "how much" matters; that both the natural and the synthetic can be good, bad or neutral; and that the fear of chemistry comes from our need to believe in miracles, which responsible science must deny. Mystery, OK; magic, not.”
—Allan Griff, Extrusion Consultant and PlasticsToday columnist


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