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The Year in Pictures: 20 Top Slideshows From 2020

Adobe Stock 2020slideshow.jpg
Check out these fun, frivolous, and often sassy slideshows from 2020.

If you imagined 2020 in pictures, you may see toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. But 2020 was much more than that. Here, we bring you the brighter side of 2020 that you may have missed or may wish to revisit – the slideshows we hope made your year more bearable – with some fun, frivolous, and even irreverent slideshows from the year that was.

  1. Engineering Fun at Home
  2. 6 Insights Into The Science And Technology Of The Mandalorian
  3. Binge-worthy Science Fiction TV
  4. 16 Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 21st Century
  5. You Know You’re an Engineer if…You Watched These Movies and TV Shows as a Kid
  6. 16 Robots that Shaped Engineers
  7. Best Science and Technology TV Shows
  8. AR/VR Experiences Grow During COVID-19
  9. The Engineering Superhero Who Inspired Generations: Speed Racer
  10. 15 Sensor Techs Turn Users into Superheroes
  11. NASCAR Champ Joey Logano Shows Off His Car Collection
  12. Model Facts: What you didn’t know about the Star Trek USS Enterprise Design
  13. 15 3D Printed Objects You Have Got to See
  14. Up Close and Personal with the Supersonic Bell X-1 Rocket Plane
  15. Get These DIY Gadgets into Your Life
  16. 15 Unique Holiday Gifts for Engineers
  17. See the Apollo Lunar Rover Like Never Before
  18. Alfa Romeo's Museum Celebrates the Company's 110 Years
  19. 20 Years of International Space Station Achievements
  20. National Videogame Museum Highlights Origins of Videogames
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