Wescon-IC Expo 97

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September 22, 1997

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Wescon-IC Expo 97

The Wescon-IC Expo has expanded its bandwidth and for the first time in trade event history will utilize both the San Jose McEnry and Santa Clara convention centers. More than 1,400 booths will display electronics innovations and applications for next-generation electronic, computer, and communications systems.

In addition to focusing on communications, multimedia, power management, and application technologies, the conference will emphasize IC technologies, as well as networking and wireless communications topics. Attendees will find half-day workshops, sessions, and half- and full-day short courses on a range of topics encompassing processor/DSP, ASIC, and programmable chip design.

Three high-profile keynote event addresses will include John P. Morgridge, chairman of the board, Cisco Systems Inc.; Chet Silvestri, president of Sun Microsystems' Sun Microelectronics division; and Curtis Crawford, president, Microelectronics Group, Lucent Technologies Inc. The latter is part of Lucent Technologies' celebration of the 50th anniversary of the transistor, first invented by engineers at Bell Labs.

Continuous shuttle bus service during show hours and passes for the Silicon Valley light rail system's Guadalupe line are available at no cost.

Approximately 50,000 engineering professionals are expected to attend. Wescon is co-sponsored by the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area Councils of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Southern and Northern California Chapters of the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA). It is produced by Electronic Conventions Management.

Resettable devices

Line of surface-mount resettable devices now includes 30 and 60V radial-leaded polymeric PTCs. The 30R Series has an interrupting rate of 40A at 30V and offers 13 current ratings from 0.9 to 9.0A. The 60R Series features an interrupting rate of 40A at 60V. Choose from 17 current ratings from 0.1 to 3.75A. PTC products are suitable for overcurrent protection in applications including motors, process and industrial controls, test equipment, and security systems. Both Series have UL and CSA approvals. Bulk packaging as well as tape and reel options are available for most part numbers.
Littlefuse Inc.
800 East N.W. Highway
Des Plaines, IL 60016


A series of self-latching circular connectors is now available for harsh environments. Housed in an aluminum-alloy shell with an anthracite conductive finish, these connectors can withstand temperatures from -65 to 200C and endure severe shock and vibrations. In addition, they are completely sealed against moisture and contaminating fluids by a sealing gasket and gland molded from fluorosilicone rubber. Features include a scoop-proof push-pull latching system, color-coded keyway identification, and an integral heatshrink boot adaptor. Connectors are suitable for aerospace, industrial, and military applications.
Box 11488
Santa Rosa, CA 95406
FAX (707) 578-0869

Air conditioners

TechniCOOLTM line of thermoelectric solid-state air conditioners utilizes the Peltier effect to provide cooling for electronic enclosures and communications equipment. They provide up to 1,500 BTU/hr cooling each and can be arrayed in series or parallel configurations. Air conditioners can be mounted in any orientation as they contain no working fluids. Features include reliable solid-state operation, precision temperature-control capability, no acoustical/electrical noise, and dc operation.
1040 Spruce St.
Trenton, NJ 08648
FAX (609) 393-9461

LED assembles

Tri-level H-315C Series and quad-level H-400C Series of 3-mm T-1 LED assemblies have an interlocking feature that assures larger, more rigid arrays of up to 12 stations for uniform horizontal elevation and vertical alignment. As many as 64 LEDs can be mounted in a single array, with one insert. These tri- and quad-level LED arrays are suitable for network and telecommunications applications with high-density footprint requirements. All models are available in narrow-profile, individual or interlocking styles, in multiple color combinations.
Bivar Inc.
4 Thomas
Irvine, CA 92718
FAX (714) 951-3374

Temperature monitors

Tempilable temperature monitors provide temperature measuring accuracies to plus or minus 1%. No wires or readout boxes are required. Monitors are useful for measuring temperatures in isolated systems and on moving or rotating assemblies. Applications include monitoring operating conditions of electronic assemblies, transformers, resistors, and circuit-board components. Other products include Tempilaq temperature indicating liquid, Tempilstik temperature indicators, the Temprobe kit, and a semi-automatic label dispenser.
2901 Hamilton Blvd.
S. Plainfield, NJ 07080
FAX (908) 757-9273

Composite cases

Val-An Composite Series of cases are for transporting electronics and other sensitive equipment. Superior stiffness and fatigue endurance provide dimensional stability against distortion, bowing, twisting, and impact. The cases, which are available in thousands of sizes, are watertight and offer inner panel options, a pressure-relief valve, and a wide choice of colors. Although they are lightweight, these cases feature high fracture and residual strength. Their low energy dissipation on impact provides excellent dampening properties through rapid decay of mechanical vibrations.
ZERO Enclosures
200 North 500 W.
North Salt Lake, Utah 84054
FAX (801) 299-7350


EVQ-WK edge-drive jog-encoder switch is for use in cellular telephone, pager, remote control, video camcorder, and computer mouse applications. The encoder has 15 detents and 6 output terminals. A push-on switch with a snap-action mechanism assures a short key stroke with a sharp click for secure input.
Panasonic Industrial Co.
Two Panasonic Way, Panazip 7H-4
Secaucus, NJ 07094
FAX (201) 392-6263


GV4 Series of 12-turn, 4-mm SMD trimmer potentiometers are compatible with all surface-mount processes including flow and reflow procedures. A cheron shaft-seal design protects to Flourinert 85C, 1 minute. In addition, these potentiometers can withstand a variety of cleaning solvents and board-washing processes. GV4 incorporates a flush-adjustment screw allowing the use of pick-and-place equipment. The 4-mm design meets the EIA, EIAJ, IPS, VRCI SMD standard footprint. Electrically, the GV4 Series has a resistance range of 10 to 2 .
TOCOS America
1177 East Tower Rd.
Schaumburg, IL 60173
FAX (847) 884-6665

Keylock switches

SK Series keylock switches are available in pc-board and panel-mounting configurations. UL-recognized and CSA-certified for 3A at 125V and 1A at 250V ac, the panel- mounting version features a 12-mm bushing and takes up 27 mm behind the panel. Circuit options include: ON-NONE-ON and ON-OFF-ON. Pc-board versions feature sealed-body construction and a disposable boot that allows automated washing. Molded-in terminals seal out flux, solvents, and other contaminants.
NKK Switches
7850 E. Gelding Dr., Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
FAX (602) 998-1435

Readout conditioner

Model 7600A high-speed strain-gage readout conditioner allows the user to easily detect, store, and recall a peak input signal or runout. The parameters can be detected 1,000 times per second with up to 65,000 counts of resolution. Set-up and calibration are done with five front-panel switches, and a lockout feature prevents calibration corruption by unauthorized personnel. The standard unit has four alarm points which can be checked up to 1,000 times per second. Limits can be applied to channel 1, peak reading, or the runout reading.
DCI Inc.
Box 2877
Olathe, KS 66063

Power cords

Power cords and cordsets are available in 2- and 3-conductor styles with various insulations, voltage ratings, colors, lengths, plugs, connectors, and shielding. Alternate power cord and strain-relief configurations are available upon request. Other products include international power cords, multi-function modules, ac receptacles, fan accessories, and EMI/RFI powerline filters.
Qualtek Electronics Corp.
7675 Jenther Dr.
Mentor, OH 44060
FAX (216) 951-7252

Terminal blocks

32500 Series of 0.325-inch center-to-center spacing terminal blocks are made from durable polypropylene material, with a UL and CSA 94V-O flammability rating. Offset pins are available in numerous terminal choices including base mount, PC pin, wire wrap, turret, and right angle. The blocks are rated at 15A, 300V. Wire accommodations range from 22 to 14 AWG, and there are 1 to 26 terminal positions available. Eight top-termination or screw hardware options are available including: steel-combo head screws, brass screws, stainless-steel screws, quick connects, captivated steel-combo heads, captivated wire clamps, and less screws.
Curtis Industries Inc.
Box 343925
Milwaukee, WI 53234
FAX (414) 649-4279


PEM(R) R' ANGLETM self-clinching fastener provides a strong right angle attachment point for aluminum sheets as thin as 0.040 inch/1.02 mm. The second sheet or component can be securely fastened to the PEM R' ANGLE with a thread-forming screw by using the self-clinching principle. This self-piloting screw forms its own thread as it is installed. The result: a thread fit which resists vibration and demonstrates excellent strip-out characteristics. In addition, the holding power of the fastener is not compromised by the repeated removal and re-installation of the screw.
Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp.
5190 Old Easton Rd.
Danboro, PA 18916
FAX (215) 766-0143

Digital oscilloscopes

Series VC-5810 is a four-channel, color, digital oscilloscope. Measuring 280 x 80 x 335 mm and 4.5 kg, this Series features a 10-inch active-matrix color display. External and edge triggering are standard, as are GPIB, RS 232, Centronics, and PCMCIA interfaces. Features include a 150-MHz bandwidth, 64 kbytes of memory per channel, auto setup, 256 kW/channel, and glitch capture. Optional: hard drive, floppy drive, and memory.
Hitachi Denshi Americal Ltd.
371 Van Ness Way, Suite 120
Torrance, CA 90501
FAX (310) 328-6252


POWERTRAIN family of power-conversion subsystems for ac motors now includes two solutions for 1.5- and 7.5-hp ratings: IRPT2055 and IRPT4052, both accepting 460V ac inputs. The former features a complete power-inverter stage packaged in a chip-and-wire module; the latter supplies the inverter as a surface-mount assembly on an insulated metal substrate. Both include a Driver-Plus board which contains a driver function with fault protection and shutdown functions. This protects the circuitry from short circuits and ground faults, as well as over-temperature and over-voltage occurrences.
International Rectifier
233 Kansas St.
El Segundo, CA 90245

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