TOM1203LP Series, a Low Profile Transponder Coil for Automotive Applications

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April 5, 2010

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TOM1203LP Series, a Low Profile Transponder Coil for Automotive Applications

MOTION CONTROL: PREMO has enlarged its broad range of transponders including its newest TOM1203LP series, a low profile, high performance, and robust transponder coil for automotive applications.

These components are suitable for passive keyless entry (PKE) and tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), and offer a reliable and high performance solution to support hardest requirements for the automotive sector.

The transponder coil has been optimized to achieve high performances in low frequency (mainly 20, 125 and 134kHz), and to support high mechanical and thermal stress levels, maintaining an excellent performance in all the operation range.

In a small size 12.6mm x 3.7mm x 2.6mm, these transponders are totally protected with a plastic overmoulding which ensures the best resistance to shock impacts, vibrations and possible PCB´s deformations. The TOM1203LP series can withstand extreme bend and drop test.

This low profile transponder coil is suitable for pick and place and AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) and has been developed to withstand Pb free reflow profiles.

In low frequency applications, it offers an inductance customizable range from 340 µH up to 16.2mH, reaching high sensitivity levels around 100mV/A/m depending on inductance value together with a high Q factor. The whole specifications satisfy the requirements of AEC-Q200C.


-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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