Time-to-Digital Converter

April 24, 2006

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Time-to-Digital Converter

Digital time conversion at high resolution

The TC840 CompactPCI time-to-digital converter module, with 50 ps timing resolution, is made for measuring the time of the rising or falling edge of very fast trigger events, using inputs with programmable thresholds. It is designed to handle large-scale experiments like hydrodynamics, particle accelerator timing, nuclear fusion studies and explosive testing, plus time-of-flight measurement in mass spectrometry and 3D mapping. With a wide-range, single- and multi-start converter, the TC840 uses 13 identical hardware channels: one is the common start, while the rest are independent stop inputs. It works in single-start or multi-start acquisition, and with timing information on all the independent channels encoded relative to the common channel. Up to 512 stops per channel can be recorded with the large internal buffer, and start/stop events up to 20 seconds apart can be recorded. Digitized data goes straight to the onboard FPGA-based data processing unit. This increases data throughout the PC through the direct memory access mode. The TC840 measures time on the internal low jitter (&3 ps rms), high stability (±2 ppm) clock source, or an external 10 MHz reference input. Pricing starts at $11,990, with delivery in six weeks ARO.

Acqiris USA


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