Strain Relief for Cables

DN Staff

February 25, 2004

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Strain Relief for Cables

Sometimes the best engineering solutions are the most obvious ones-even if took awhile for somebody to think of it. That is definitely the case with Gore's new Tool Replacement Assemblies ( The technology is designed for use with hand-held, torque-controlled nut runners and other hand-held devices that involve high tensile loads and torsional bending.

Typically, the connectors inside fail prematurely because of the large bend radius that they are subjected to, says Product Manager Brian Tallman. Connector failures can lead to intermittent or false reads, downtime, and the cost of replacing them.

"Exceeding acceptable bend radius is the number one cause of failure," says Tallman. "Operators will sometimes even bend the cable on purpose to get a more comfortable grip, which wreaks havoc on it"

To get around the problem, engineers at Gore developed a replacement assembly that provides strain relief within the area of the potential for greatest bend radius. Their simple design idea involves the use of a tapered elastomer part that holds the bend radius to an acceptable limit. In tests, the Gore technology last six times as long as conventional technology that provides no strain relief. Pretty impressive for a simple design change.

Gore's new cable assembly resists large bending radii that can damage cable connectors and cause premature failure.

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