Southco's AV-D30 Dynamic Mounting Arm

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April 10, 2010

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Southco's AV-D30 Dynamic Mounting Arm

The AV-D30 DynamicMounting Arm provides integrated positioning technology that enables the arm tofunction efficiently in applications needing a stable solution (i.e.,transportation, industrial machinery, medical touch screens).The positioningfeatures full tilt, swivel and swing out adjustments, and the arm can withstandtouch forces, vibration and heavy loading. Precisely controlled operatingefforts in the joints mean the display will not drift. It holds in everyposition, stays where the operator puts it and does not require user tighteningor loosening for adjustment. The AV-D30 also features integrated wiremanagement covers that eliminate the cumbersome threading process. TheAV arm folds within 50 mm of the walland uses minimal space in a stored position, which provides design engineerswith great flexibility. Its compact size makes it ideal for any area wherespace is at a premium. The AV-D30 is compliant with the VESA standard for 12 to23 inch monitors, comes fully adjusted for minimal installation time and can becustomized to a user's precise operating effort. Its range of swivel motion canbe restricted to prevent collision with nearby objects or to restrict viewinglocations, and its long cycle life ensures reliability and reduced maintenancecosts. The integrated positioning technology of the AV-D30 is unique andenables the arm to function in locations where competing mounts simply wouldnot work. Its smooth, fluid operation is user intuitive with a "grab and move"operation. The display will not drift and easily withstands operators' hands,intense vibration and dynamic loading. The AV-D30 can be easily repositionedwithout tightening or loosening. Without the need for adjustment, maintenanceor service, the AV-D30 addresses user dissatisfaction with underperformingmounts on the market.

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