Seeds Developed for Bio Crops

DN Staff

June 23, 2008

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Seeds Developed for Bio Crops

Energy crop producer Ceres Inc. plans to market its new agricultural seeds and traits under the trade name Blade Energy Crops in the U.S. The first products to be sold under the brand are currently being multiplied for spring 2009 sowing. They include switchgrass cultivars developed specifically for biofuels, EG 1101 and EG 1102, as well as high-biomass types of sorghum.

Because of their high yields, energy crops can produce more fuel per acre than first-generation biofuel crops and further mitigate greenhouse gas emissions since the new crops require fewer inputs and actually build new topsoil. Ethanol made from switchgrass produces 90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum and nearly five times more net energy than starch-based ethanol. Further improvements are likely as breeders introduce new seed varieties and innovations in refining technology are commercialized.

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