Seal-Lok Lite tube fitting system

April 24, 2006

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Seal-Lok Lite tube fitting system

Compact, reliable system builds on old line

This new system is reliable and compact, geared toward high-flow and low-to-medium system pressure applications. It is similar to the traditional Seal-Lok (SAE J1453) line, but can also adapt to the FlexFlange light-duty, flexible, corrugated-steel tubes used in gas appliances. The new system has shorter threads on the Lite ORFS end, and SAE-ORB-studded fittings use a light-duty port stud with shorter thread length. Fittings with male NPT threads use a light-duty version (PTF-Short). They also feature a hard-line (metallic tube) connection that uses existing stainless-steel Parflange tooling and equipment. Standard Seal-Lok Parflange sleeves are used throughout the traditional Seal-Lok and Lite fitting platforms. The systems allow high flow through the bore of the fitting, adapt to inch/metric tube, and tube and hose connections, and can be assembled by torque method. They are compact compared to instrumentation/hydraulic/traditional-grade fittings, use a captive O-ring groove seal for leak-free connection while retaining the O-ring and offer a zero-clearance fitting system for tight installations.

Parker Hannifin Corp.

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