Roof-ridge generator

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April 22, 2002

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Roof-ridge generator

While not designed as a primary engergy source, rooftop generators could offer an alternative source of electricity to offset shotages of grid-supplied power or as a backup generator in case of long-term outages.

This concept for a discrete, rooftop-mounted, wind-driven generator for supplemental backup power blends into the roof line, matches common roofing materials, and secures to the joists and each other with a v-notch that fits the ridge to form a continuous, rigid support along the roof top.

A small generator mounted inside the housing features blades fixed to a rotating shaft and coils mounted at both ends of the shaft. The air flowing through the inlet turns the impellers, rotating the shaft in the coils to create electrical current, producing power as wind flows through air inlets and outlets on either side.

Protective grill coverings prevent debris or animal entry. Guide channels funnel the airflow to maximize speed and efficiency. The system is designed so that either opening can serve as an inlet or outlet depending on wind direction.

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