Programmable Gyro Extends its Reach

DN Staff

July 17, 2006

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Programmable Gyro Extends its Reach

At the show, Analog Devices rolled out the first-ever programmable MEMS gyroscope. Part of Analog Devices' iSensor family, the new programmable sensor contains all of the embedded calibration, tuning and control functionality needed to detect system rotation. Until now, the company says, such pre-calibrated gyros were targeted at high-end military and avionics products, but ADI's new design takes the technology into a broader array of applications. The single-component solution is aimed at motion control applications, as well as at agricultural equipment, autos and robotic systems. "What it comes down to is that customers would rather have us do the calibration for them," notes Conor Power, product and marketing manager for ADI's Instrument and Automotive Converters. For more information on Analog's Programmable gyroscope, go to

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