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October 18, 1999

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6-mm-diameter motor

Six mm in diameter, a new electronically commutated dc motor with Hall sensors is the smallest of its kind, according to its maker, Maxon Motor ag. The 2.8-gram motor turns at up to 100,000 rpm and has an assigned power rating of 1.2W. Nominal voltage is 9V dc, maximum continuous current is 500 mA, and maximum continuous torque is 0.260 mNm. Maxon is developing a range of 6-mm-diameter planetary gearheads for applications requiring a higher torque at a lower speed. Applications include: medical equipment, aeronautics, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Maxon Motor ag, Brunigstrasse 220 P.O. Box 263, Sachsein CH-6072; www.maxonmotor.com.

LED display cube

RGB Sunlight-Visible LED Display Cubes render all colors of the displayable spectrum, according to the manufacturer. The units employ dot-matrix lamping, in which different-colored LEDs are arranged within a cell so that when illuminated they appear to produce a single-color light. Each LED within this RGB array can be addressed individually or collectively, allowing red, green, and blue light to be precisely controlled in pro-portion and intensity. The RGB-1005-001 has 1 dot-matrix cell comprising 4 red, 2 green, and 2 blue LEDs. The RGB-1006-001 has 4 cells for a total of 8 red, 8 green, and 4 blue LEDs. Applications include: display signs, status indicators, outdoor scoreboards, and billboards.

Ledtronics, 23105 Kasiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505; FAX 310-534-1424; www.ledtronics.com.


A wear-resistant bevel gearing replaces the common worm or face worm gearing in a new right-angle gearbox. Ratio range is from 6 to 60, torque is up to 90 Nm. Efficiency remains constant independent of the ratio, and is approximately 95% at rated load. The design is available as a geared motor in a compact design or as a gearbox with mounting flange for IEC standard motors.

Lenze GmbH & Co KG, Postfach 101352, Hameln D-31763; FAX 310-534-1424; www.Lenze.com.

Integrated drive/guide

MiniSlides combine drive and guiding functions within a single unit and are based on standard pneumatic cylinders. Designers can use them in large numbers in small automatic assembly systems to carry grippers, rotary elements, power screwdrivers, or clamping devices. The product series comprises three versions. Model MSS is a rugged design suitable for pick-and-place applications involving heavy elements. MST is a narrow model; MSN is a slimline version for long travel requirements. The integrated linear and ball rail systems from Deutsche Star provide stability and precision. MiniSlides are available with diameters of 8 to 25 mm and with different basic stroke lengths.

Rexroth Mecman GmbH, Bartweg 13, Hannover D-30453; FAX 310-534-1424.


The Millennium family of integrated controllers combines relays, switches, counters, timers, sequencers, and a memory bank. The smallest model has 4 inputs and 2 outputs, the middle model has 6 inputs and 4 outputs, and the largest has 12 inputs and 8 outputs. The two larger models are available in both ac and dc; the dc models can accept both analog and digital inputs. Programming is via the 8 pushbuttons and visual display on the front panel, or by plugging a laptop or PC into a socket and downloading programs. The Visual Logic programming software runs in Windows NT and 95 in English and four other European languages. Installation options are DIN rail and rear and flush panel mounting with an adapter. Measurements are 99 mm high, 55 mm deep, and 72 or 125 mm wide.

Crouzet Ltd., Intec 3 Wade Rd., Basingstoke, Hants RG24 8NE; FAX 310-534-1424; www.crouzet.com.

Extrusion sensors

Extrusion sensors for the food industry are hermetically sealed to keep out moisture, which could otherwise cause corrosion. All of the firm's extrusion sensors in all pressure ranges are available in hermetically sealed versions, called H types. Even without cables connected, the production equipment and the sensors inside with open connectors can withstand water cleaning. The sensors function without mercury or oil fillings, and are also available in versions in which sensor and amplifier can mount separately.

Kistler Instrumente AG Winterthur, Eulachstrasse 22, Box 304 CH-8408 Winterthur; FAX 310-534-1424.

Spinner motors

MFM spinner brushless dc motors act as heavy-duty spindles to support asymmetrical loads typical of silicon wafers and glass masks. The bearing system provides stability and vibration control. The motor housing is sealed, and a non-contact baffle protects the bearings from contamination.

Bayside Motion Group, 27 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 484-5496.

Diesel engine

The 4TNE106 114-hp, four-cylinder diesel engine is available in turbocharged and naturally aspirated versions. A hydraulic pump drive is built-in the gear case. The unit weighs 662 lb, and can be configured with radiators, air cleaners, and instrument panels.

Yanmar Diesel America Corp., 951 Corporate Grove Dr., Buffalo Grove, IL 60089; FAX (847) 808-6968.


Carver clamps come in five designs: T-Slot, C-Style, Edge Grip, Buttress, and Bar Style. T-Slot clamps provide quick height adjustment and positive holding, while the C-Style clamps consist of two major parts: frame and movable jaw. Edge Grip low-profile clamps apply horizontal and vertical clamping force against the workpiece, and the Buttress clamps secure thin or low-profile workpieces. The Bar Style clamps, made from high-strength steel are for use where a large clamping capacity is required.

De-Sta-Co Industries, 2121 Cole St., Birmingham, MI 48009; FAX (248) 644-3929.


Compression-style push-to-close latch provides compression and vibration resistance. Once the latch is engaged in the receptacle, turning the latch will pull the latch and receptacle even more tightly together, applying compression to the panel and frame and/or gasketing material. Ridges on the receptacle line up with grooves on the latch to prevent the latch from vibrating loose. Constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant plastics, the latch suits applications in the agricultural, construction and industrial machinery, packaging and automation equipment, and enclosure industries.

Southco, Midway House Staverton, Technology Park, Cheltenham Glos, England GL51 6TQ.

Angle joints

Angle joints to DIN 71802 are available for automotive, agricultural, construction, printing, and other applications. The series includes C8-M5 to C19-M16 and CS8-M5 to CS19-M16 units. The angle joints come in a bare metal finish or a galvanized finish and are also available in high-grade stainless steel.

MBO Osswald GmbH, Steingasse 13, Kulshim-Steinbach, Germany D-97900; www.mbo-osswald.de.

Slam latch

Slam latch augments the company's range of hinges for aluminum and can secure profiles of 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 mm in width. The latch's catch snaps free of the frame section with a gentle pull on the grip element. When the door is shut, modest pressure causes the catch to engage. When closed, the latch withstands tampering due to its compact design. The latch is available with cylinders keyed alike or keyed different or without a locking cylinder. Finishes include die-cast zinc in black or chrome plated.

DIRAK GmbH & Co KG, Koenigsfelder Str 1, Ennepetal, Germany 58256.


Semi-crystalline aliphatic polykeytones (PK) are applied in the automotive industry, and noticed for high barrier properties, low gasoline permeability, resistance to a broad range of fuels, transmission fluid, and high and dimensional stability. Polymers provide the necessary resistance to fuels and additives at the elevated temperatures required for use with direct injection and common fuel rail technology.

Shell Chemical, Box 2463, Houston, TX 77252; FAX (713) 241-1606.

Polymer bearing

The iglidur NM 7-56 polymer plain bearing operates with predetermined low loads at friction values of 0.12 when running dry. Abrasion values are significantly reduced at surface pressures below 2 Mpa, and temperature range is -40 to 80C. Other features include zero corrosion, low humidity absorption, and constant noise level. Applications include printers and electrically operated healthcare products.

igus GmbH, Spicher Strasse 1a, Koln, Germany D-51147

Acrylic resin

Oroglas(R) VOD 100 acrylic resin is specially formulated for making DVDs. According to the manufacturer, the material fulfills all technical, economic, and industrial constraints at all DVD production stages: molding, sputtering, and bonding. Features include lower viscosity than polycarbonate, low birefringence, 92% light transmission, resistance to scratching, rigidity, and dimensional stability.

Elf Atochem, 4, cours Michelet-La Defense 10 Cedex 42, Paris-La Defense, France 92091.


Cronidur 30(R) is a rolling bearing steel from the family of high-nitrogen steels. Hardness is 58 HRC, and the steel features very good high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance, and insensitiveness to starved lubrication, mixed-friction conditions, and pollution particles in the lubricant.

Fag Oem Und Handel Ag, George-Schafer-str 30, Schweinfurt, Germany D-97419.


ToughMet copper-nickel-tin spinodal bronze alloys resist corrosion and fatigue failure. They have high strength, natural anti-fouling and anti-galling properties, good ductility, and a low coefficient of friction. The alloys can also withstand ten times the loading of C96500 aluminum bronze, according to the manufacturer, and so are good for applications requiring long bearing life. Rod, bar, tube, and billet are available, as well as continuous casting in complex shapes.

Brush Wellman Ltd., Units 4 and 5, Ely Rd. Theale Commercial EstateTheale, Reading, Berkshire, England RG7 4BQ; www.Brushwellman.com.


VACODUR 50TM soft magnetic alloy is based on the 50% cobalt-iron alloys VACOFLUX(R) 48 and VACOFLUX 50. The alloy features superior strength and ductility while retaining almost equally good magnetic properties. This results in substantially higher rotational frequencies in rotors, says the manufacturer.

Vacuumschmelze GmbH, Postfach 22 53, Hanau, Germany D-63412; www.vacuumschmelze.de.

Polyimide heaters

Kapton(R) insulation and polyimide adhesive combine to give ThermofoilTM heaters a temperature rating of 25 to 50C higher than previously possible with Kapton heaters and 15C higher than silicone rubber heaters, according to the manufacturer. The new construction allows faster warm-up and rapid response to changing heat loads. Applications include semiconductor processing and test, avionics, and packaging equipment.

Minco Products, 7300 Commerce Lane, Minneapolis, MN 55432; FAX (612) 571-0927; www.minco.com.


Included in the Parts In Minutes range of polyurethanes for rapid prototyping, Ureol(R) 5238 and 5239 are UV-stable and non-UV-stable transparent materials. Both versions can be pigmented with inks or polyurethane-based coloring pastes while still retaining their transparency. Both also resist temperatures up to 100C, offer a hardness of 80 shore D, and have impact strength of 90 kJ/m(2).

Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Performance Polymers, Hinxton Rd., Duxford, Cambridge, England CB2 4QA; FAX (612) 571-0927.

Car navigation system

Carin 522 car navigation system combines spoken directions with large, easy-to-read pictograms to help drivers navigate turn-by-turn across town or country. The system plots route information, considering detours or traffic jams. A driver activates Carin 522 with an infrared remote control, and can use the system to plot a route based on travel time, travel distance, major highways, or side streets. Drivers can select their destination by using the on-screen keyboard, the on-screen map and cursor, retrieving stored addresses, or calling them up from the system's CD-ROM. A 5 @ 2 7/8-inch display has a 16:9 aspect ratio with hard switch controls for brightness, contrast, and volume. Nine language options are available.

Vdo North America LLC, 188 Brooke Rd., Winchester, VA 22604; FAX (540) 722-4198; www.vdona.com.

Process calibrator

TechChek(R) 830 process calibrator sources and reads a variety of electronic process signals, and troubleshoots like a multimeter. Typical accuracy is plus or minus 0.025 of span +1 LSD. Optional modules add the ability to measure pressure in 20 engineering units. TechChek measures a variety of dc voltage ranges to 200V dc and sources to 10.25V dc, and can read ac volts up to 250V ac.

Altek Industries Corp., 35 Vantage Point Dr., Rochester, NY 14624; FAX (716) 349-3510.

Signal converter/isolator

Model 4380 Iso Verter(R) II process signal converter/isolator protects electronic circuits by completely isolating the input and output signals from each other and the ground. With bipolar input selection and zero suppression, nearly any standard input/output combination is possible.

Dwyer Instruments Inc., Box 373, Michigan City, IN 46361; FAX (219) 872-9057.


Micro-EyeTM microprocessor-based monitor is available with a Voice Alert feature. Micro-Eye monitors critical functions of internal combustion engines, such as oil pressure and transmission and coolant temperature, using input from existing discrete or analog sensors. If conditions develop that could cause engine damage, Micro-Eye issues an audible warning, then shuts down the engine automatically.

Advanced Control Systems Inc., 7125 Windsor Lake Pkwy., Loves Park, IL 61111; FAX (815) 877-8025.

Rick DeMeis on Electrical/Electronics

For comments on electrical/electronics, contact Rick at [email protected]


Right TouchTM multifunction keyboard, model RT-9200W, has 14 single-keystroke feature keys which provide immediate access to the Internet, e-mail, help functions, suspend mode, and control of CD functionality, making it more like a control panel, says the company. Two programmable keys give similar access to the user's most commonly used applications.

NMB Technologies, 9730 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311; FAX (818) 709-0387; www.nmbtech.com.

Fibre Channel interconnects

It's not just fiber optics and optical components, but copper and cable as well. The company's integrated Fibre Channel inter-connect components meet Fibre Channel standards to provide one gigabit per second data-transfer rates. Fibre Channel is aimed at high-bandwidth (speed and capacity) data networking and storage needs in systems for manufacturing, medical, and video applications. The components link such entire systems from storage devices to SAN/LAN cabling distribution frames, to LANs, and, finally, to the desktop. Features for robust performance include shielded GBIC connectors, guide frames, and modules that reduce EMI.

Molex, 2222 Wellington Ct., Lisle, IL 60532; FAX (630) 969-1352; www.molex.com.

Receiver and emitter modules

Receiver modules have Si photodiodes (0.8 mm operation) or InGaAs photodiodes (1.3 or 1.55 mm operation). Both include an internal preamplifier; handle 1 or 2.5 Gbit/s data rates; and are supplied in a TO-18 package or with SC connectors for single-mode fiber operation. Emitter modules feature a Fabry-Perot laser diode optimized for 1.3 mm operation; also operate at 1 and 2.5 Gbit/s; and are only available with SC receptacles. Applications include fiber communications, HDTV, and SDH data links.

Hamamatsu, Box 6910, Bridgewater, NJ 08807; www.hamamatsu.com

Reflex sensor

WL 12G photoelectric reflex sensor is sensitive enough for detecting glass and transparent objects, or small parts. The device detects light off a reflector and also features automatic sensitivity adjustment for changing conditions, such as dust build up on its lens or reflector. Sensing range is more than six feet.

Sick Optic-Electronic, 6900 West 110th St., Bloomington, MN 55438; FAX (612) 941-9287.


The low-power MSP430 family of microcontrollers (MCUs) now has integrated low-power FLASH memories that enable manufacturers of energy-efficient systems, such as handheld, battery-powered devices and utility meters, to use smaller batteries; reprogram their products easily (reducing development time); and allow easy field upgrades, according to the company. The MSP430 operates at 3V, with the embedded FLASH drawing less than 350 mA/MHz in the active mode. In standby mode, the FLASH needs only 1.5 mA, equal to MSP430 units using ROM or OTP memories. The new MCUs go from standby to active in 6ms.

Texas Instruments, Literature Response Center, Box 172228, Denver, CO 80217

Pressure sensor

Model 1451 surface-mount pressure sensor uses what the company says is advanced silicon die and package designs for improved long-term performance and substantially lower cost. Features include non-linearity of 60.25% of full scale; gauge and absolute pressure versions; multiple pressure-port options; and compatibility with both automated production equipment and low-power applications. Power is by either a constant current or voltage supply. Applications include medical instruments, barometric correction, and pressure monitoring.

EG&G, 2175 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054; FAX (408) 565-0793.

Resistance temperature detector

The Thermal-TabTM features a high-stability, platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) packaged in a low-cost flat body suitable for mounting on surfaces or inserted into probes and cavities, according to the company. Completely insulated, the device comes with Teflon insulated leads in a standard length of 40 inches. Element types include 100 and 1,000 V platinum. NTC or PTC thermistors are available. Temperature range is -50 to 130C, and the devices measure 5 @ 12 mm.

Minco Products, 7300 Commerce Ln., Minneapolis, MN 55432; FAX (612) 571-0927; www.minco.com.

Hall position sensor

Model 155 non-contacting position sensor integrates a Hall-effect magnetic-field sensor and a patented magnetic circuit to convert radial motion into a voltage output signal. Standard electrical angles are at 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135, and 150 degrees , all with an output signal of 0.5 to 4.5V dc. Standard linearity is plus or minus 2% with special linearities to plus or minus 0.25%. The device features only one moving part, which along with all circuitry and components is encapsulated in epoxy. Temperature range is -40 to 150C. The sensor is EMC compliant to Class C, 200 V/m to 1 GHz. Harsh environment applications also include underhood automotive and marine equipment.

Spectrol Electronics Corp., 4051 Greystone Dr., Ontario, CA 91761; FAX (909) 923-6765; www.spectrol.com.

Watertight field bus module

The small, watertight IP-67 Sensor/Actuator Block (SAB) has four digital inputs and two digital outputs for INTERBUS I/O network connections. Rated to NEMA 4, the device features the company's COMBICON pluggable connectors that snap into watertight connector housings. Within the housings, two knockouts for watertight cable glands allow powering the SAB locally or through the network cable. I/O connections are through standard five-pin, 12-mm circular connectors. A four-pin connector can be used if a ground is not needed. Two of the device's connectors have dual inputs (for use with dual-outputs such as photo eyes) and the other two an input and output (for devices with an input and output, such as lighted push buttons.

Phoenix Contact, Industry & Systems Group, Box 4100, Harrisburg, PA 17111; FAX (717) 944-1625

Low-pressure transducers

Model 265 transducers provide positive and negative pressure sensing, at plus or minus 1% full-scale accuracy, detecting pressure ranges as low as plus or minus 0.1 inch up to 100 inches of water column full scale. The transducers are targeted for static pressure and air velocity control in environmental and medical applications. The unit can be configured with a choice of voltage output (0 to 5V dc) or current output (4-20 mA) and 12 or 24V dc (nominal) excitation. Model 265 is temperature-compensated to less than 0.033% FS/oF of thermal error for operation from 0 to 150F. The low-pressure sensor measures 1.89 3 2.74 3 1.64 inches and fits the tightest matrix.

Setra Systems Inc., 159 Swanson Rd., Boxborough, MA 01719; FAX (508) 264-0292.


The TBS20 trackball series offers many of the same features as the company's TBSII line, but has a lower profile that takes up only 1.5 inches of below-panel space. The sealed ball, three-point stainless-steel ball suspension, and precision encoders give excellent feel and reliability in non-ideal environments, says the company. A large 2-inch diameter ball allows for use with gloves. Applications include industrial machine control, medical equipment, and graphic workstations.

BEI, Encoder Systems Division, 13100 Telfair Ave., Slymar, CA 91342-3573; FAX (818) 362-0458.

Mini power switches

MiniPROFETTM (for fully protected FETs) intelligent power switches come in small PDSO-8 packages and have a quiescent current of less than 10 mA. The devices contain a MOS power transistor plus MOS logic circuitry for built-in protection. Rds(on) ranges from 60 to 400 mV. Smart functions allow the devices to safely switch battery-powered loads in automotive (body control modules, instrument clusters, and motor controls) and industrial (relay and fuse replacement, dc motors, and power control) applications.

Infineon Technologies Corp., 1730 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95112; www.infineon.com.

Difference amplifiers

INA133 and INA143 are high-speed, precision difference amplifiers aimed for industrial process control, test and measurement, medical diagnostic, and data acquisition systems. The devices consist of an operational amplifier and an on-chip resistor network. Key specs of the INA133 (G=1) include: 1.5-MHz bandwidth, 5-V/ms slew rate, 5-ms-to-0.01% settling time, 450 mV max offset voltage, 5 mV/oC max offset drift, and 0.05% max gain error. INA143 provides gains of 10 or 0.1 and 150 kHz (G=10) with similar specifications. Single versions come in SO-8 surface mounts and dual versions are packaged in SO-14 surface mounts.

Burr-Brown, Box 11400, Tucson, AZ 85734; FAX (520) 746-7401; www.burr-brown.com.

Flexible microcircuits

High-resolution photolithography, thin-film coating, and electroforming are used to produce high density, multilayer flexible circuits. These devices feature 5 mm traces and spaces allowing use inside units with diameters as low as 1.25 mm. In high-volume production, the microminiature flex circuits permit installation of transmitters and transducers directly into intravascular, subcutaneous or implantable medical devices for diagnostic imaging, monitoring, and drug administration.

Dynamics Research Corp., Metrigraphics Div., 60 Concord St., Wilmington, MA 01887; FAX (978) 657-7765.

Karen Auguston Field on Power Transmission & Motion Control

For comments on power transmission, contact Karen at [email protected]

During a recent visit to Quickdraw Conveyor Systems, I had an opportunity to meet with president David Helgerson and see first-hand a working model of the company's new Zone BufferingTM automated conveyor system. This compact, low-profile system is a great example of the engineering ingenuity and cleverness being applied in conveyor technology today.

Designed for handling disk drive components, semiconductor wafers, and other products that require non-contact zones in the assembly process, the Zone Buffering conveyor keeps individual products completely separated and protected from hard stops. The whole trick, of course, is effectively managing those zones, and Quickdraw engineers have come up with a pretty slick and simple way of doing that by using two sensors per zone and a motor/controller. A communication cable links each controller card to adjacent zones.

Here's how it works: The two sensors are located upstream of each zone (each zone is slightly longer than the product handled), approximately one inch apart. When a product is detected at the first sensor, the motor control will decelerate the motor until the product reaches the second sensor. The major advantage, of course, is that the product moves into its final position without the banging or jarring of a sudden stop. And the final positioning will be more accurate. An added benefit and an industry first, Helgerson pointed out to me, is that the two-sensor configuration allows for bi-directional operation of the conveyor--a feature that would ordinarily require repositioning of the sensors. Inputs and outputs are user selectable for greater flexibility.

For the power transmission system, design engineers chose a dc brushless servo motor, which provides speed and direction control in a small, high-torque, economical package. Transmission of power between rails is accomplished with a drive shaft, with a flexible coupling compensating for any slight misalignment. The patented drive system permits zones as long as 60 inches, which says Helgerson, reduces significantly the cost of long conveyor runs.

For clean room applications, each section (4-ft-long) of the modular system can be housed in a Class 1 clean-room enclosure, which uses a ULPA filter to provide a supply of clean air in a laminar, downward flow around the conveyor.

For more information on Zone Buffering Conveyors from Quickdraw Conveyor Systems, contact David Helgerson, 151 East Cliff Rd., Burnsville, MN 55337 (612) 894-4305 or www.Qdraw.com.

Vector drive

More than 50% smaller than its predecessor, the SJ1000 is the smallest sensorless flux vector inverter the manufacturer offers. Features include: auto tuning to set motor constants, second motor setting, standard PID control, 16-stage multi-speed operation, and built-in in-rush current protection. Run and stop keys and a speed-control knob are on the main panel; function, scroll up and down, and store buttons are inside the front case. Users can program the drive remotely or download programs from a PC.

Hitachi, Shuttleworth Close Gapton Hall Industrial Estate, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, U.K., NR31 0NQ; www.hid.co.uk.

Linear motor

A self-contained linear motor incorporating flexible bellows is rated for continuous operation at 4m/sec and 4G. The bellows option enables linear motors to be used in applications where the environment is less than ideal, including industrial automation.

Linear Drives Ltd., Lucky Lane, Basildon, Essex, England SS14 3BW; www.lineardrives.com.


A range of customized output shaft options is available for all the manufacturer's brush-commutated and brushless dc motors and gearmotors. Shaft options include: flat, journal, keyway, cross hole, slot, groove, swage, gear, clutch, and pulley. Options can also be combined. Standard shaft material is 416 stainless steel, which can be customized to nonmagnetic grades including 303, 316, and high-carbon steel. Shaft diameters range from 1/8 to 3/8 inch and 4 to 6 mm, depending on model.

Pittman, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438; FAX (215) 256-1338; www.pittmannet.com.


SE 10 Inox Series positioning drives were developed for the foodstuffs industry. Features include: resistance to rough environments, simple cleaning and disinfection, control flexibility, direct mounting of special motors, and smooth surfaces. Drive models can provide lifting forces of 2,000 to 100,000N and positioning speeds up to 1,000 mm/sec.

NOZAG AG, Punten 4, Wangen, Switzerland CH-8602; FAX .

Motors/ball bearings

To promote motor operation and extend motor life, engineers may specify ball bearings over sleeve bearings on the complete line of Pittman brush-commutated dc motors, including LO-COG(R) series 8000, series 9000, and series 14000 motors. Self-aligning ball bearings remove alignment and maintenance, cut friction, and increase motor capacity. Double shielded and sealed, the ball bearings help deter motor contamination and extend motor life.

Pittman, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438; FAX (215) 256-1338.

Motor brake

Size-17 SmartMotor, with built-in controller and amplifier, now comes with a built-in brake. The fail-safe brake locks the rotor upon power loss. Achieving actuation and release times on the order of 3 msec, the brake uses its own voltage regulator so that, just like the SmartMotor, it operates on any single 24- to 48-V input. A variety of embedded commands actuate the brake automatically. One mode locks the brake when any error occurs. Another releases the brake only during moves to hold rotor position .

Animatics Corp., 3050 Tasman Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054; FAX (408) 748-8725.


The MRA family of right-angle, low-backlash precision gearheads joins four other all-planetary lines offered by the manufacturer. The line's bevel gear output stage is integrated to the company's servo-grade, all planetary Type MNT in-line gearhead series. The new all-steel gearheads mount readily to metric face-and-shaft servomotors and can be specified for mounting to NEMA size 23, 34, and 42 servo or stepper motors. The initial three sizes are based on 65-, 80-, and 115-mm square planetary gearheads. Ratios range between 3 and 175 to 1. Output torque ratings are up to 300 Nm.

Mijno Precision Gearing, 406 N. Prospect Ave., Park Ridge, IL 60068; FAX (847) 698-9040; www.mijno.com.

Brushless dc motor

With all-stainless steel construction and high-speed miniature ball bearings, this size-5 motor has a 0.5-inch diameter and operates at speeds up to 100,000 rpm. Threaded housings and shafts on the motor, and a range of single-stage and double-stage planetary gearhead attachments, make the motor easy to integrate into dental and surgical handpieces, miniature saws, and other medical devices.

Transicoil, 2560 General Armistead Ave., Norristown, PA 19403; FAX (610) 539-3400.

Complete actuator system

CARELINETM 24V dc actuators are for up to 1,250-lb loads and offer a range of stroke lengths and mounting fixtures. An integrated control box mounts directly on the actuator, or separately, for quick and easy installation where space is at a premium. Each box controls up to four actuators, and can be combined with a wide variety of handsets, foot switches, and attendant control panels.

LINAK US Inc., 11001 Bluegrass Pkwy., Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40299; FAX (502) 267-9911.

Jean Young Gonzalez on Test, Measurement, & Control

For comments on test, measurement, & control, contact Jean at [email protected]

Infrared thermometer

Telatemp's new infrared thermometer has features you wouldn't expect in a handheld instrument priced under $100. Simple to use, merely point it at a surface and push a single button to return degrees in Fahrenheit or Centigrade on an LCD screen. With a temperature range from 0 to 500F (-18 to 260C) and an accuracy and repeatability of plus or minus 2%, the TempTesr IR is designed for temperature sensing applications in industrial and electrical maintenance, heating and air conditioning installations, and food quality and safety. A laser sighting model emits a bright red laser spot for easy verification of the measurement location. The unit weighs only 8 oz. and is powered by a standard 9V alkaline battery.

Telatemp Corp., 351 So. Raymond Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831; FAX (714) 870-8136; www.telatemp.com.

High bandwidth oscilloscope

The HP 54835A Infiniium 4-channel, 1GHz oscilloscope is designed for engineers working on high-speed digital designs that require sub-nanosecond waveform edge speeds. It has a maximum sample rate of 4GSa/s with two channels and a 2Gsa/s sampling rate with four channels. Memory depth ranges from 32K for four channels to 64K for two channels. The oscilloscope's high bandwidth accommodates fast bus and clock speeds for design applications involving digital circuits. The new unit features these additions: a communications mask test kit for easy compliance testing of communication and networking products; color-graded persistence for viewing signal anomalies and determining frequency of occurrence; waveform histograms for accumulating noise and jitter statistical information; eye-diagram measurements for characterizing high-speed communication signals easily; and an automask for generating a mask template from a known good waveform quickly and easily.

Hewlett Packard, 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd. MS 54LAK, Santa Clara, CA 95052; www.tmo.hp.com

Eddy current testing software

SmartEDDY software offers expanded test capabilities for high-speed testing of metal parts. The software converts an IBM-compatible computer into a powerful multi-frequency, vector impedance or reflectance, direct or remote field, eddy-current test instrument. The user can perform advanced real-time data analyses including impedance, four-dimensional vector, time base, spectral, correlation, and lift-off correction, as well as eight simultaneous parameter and 32 threshold analyses. The new software options expand the standard test software real-time analysis and display capability, add external control and communications features, facilitate off-line data analysis and extend the system's data storage capability. Key features include direct display of conductivity, permeability, hardness, case depth, wall thickness, coating thickness, hole diameters, flaw depth and weld penetration.

SE Systems, 26203 Production Ave, Suite 10, Hayward, CA 94545; FAX (510) 784-0810.

Emissivity correcting IR thermometer

Pyrofiber IR thermometer is designed for high-speed data collection and analysis. The unit uses pulse laser technology to measure infrared radiance while measuring and correcting for emissivity. Pyrofiber can measure temperature values at a 1-ms data acquisition rate, allowing digital signals to be output at a rate of 40 readings per second. True target temperature and emissivity values can be output via analog or digital signal to a PC or network mainframe for analysis. Accuracy is to within plus or minus 5F ( plus or minus 3C). Temperature models between 500 to 5400F (250 to 3000C) are available with target size ranges between 0.040 to 2.300 inches (1 to 58 mm) diameter at a focal distance from 4 to 120 inches (101 to 3048 mm). Custom fiber optic sensor heads and probes are available.

Pyrometer Instrument Co. Inc., 209 Industrial Pkwy., Northvale, NJ 07647; FAX (201) 768-2570; www.pyrometer.com.

Rail timer

Eagle Signal B90D DIN rail timer delivers digital setting accuracy combined with the flexibility of multiple time ranges and operating modes in half the space of a standard sized plug-in time delay relay. The device measures just 22.5 mm wide, by 93 mm high, by 100 mm deep, and provides simple setup and troubleshooting via its LCD display. B90D offers field selectable functions and timing modes for settings from 0.2 sec to 999 hrs with digital accuracy of plus or minus 0.5% and mounts on a standard DIN rail with the spring clip.

Danaher Controls, 1675 Delany Rd., Gurnee, IL 60031; FAX (847) 662-6633; www.dancon.com.

Man/machine interface

Designed for PLC applications, fex21 Windows CE-based handheld computer provides VT100 emulation, RS485 interface, various keyboard configurations and integrated RF communications. The fex21 offers monochrome and color transflective display technology. Its rugged casing protects against dust, vibration, temperature extremes and harsh operating conditions in manufacturing environments.

WPI Husky Technology, 18167 US Hwy. 19 North Suite 285, Clearwater, FL 33764; FAX (727) 536-9906.

Piston mount telemetry system

ST-363 Piston Mount Transmitter provides real-time telemetry from within operational combustion engines. This rugged, high temperature telemetry product allows users to access and validate critical engine operating parameters, such as measurements of crown/skirt operational temperatures, inner ring gas pressures, ring dynamic displacement characteristics, and torque and strain measurements. The miniaturized mold of the product supports instrumentation of up to 16 mixed sensor types for piston sizes as small as 4 inches in diameter.

SRI/PMD Inc., 751 North Drive, Melbourne, FL 32934; FAX (407) 254-2492; www.summationresearch.com.

Brushless dc motors

NEMA DIN34 series brushless dc motors are 3.4 inches in diameter and available in three standard frame lengths of 2.0, 2.6 and 3.2 inches with rear shaft extension for encoder mounting. Typical operating speeds range from 6,000 to 18,000 rpm with continuous stall (and peak) torque ratings of 50 oz-in. (120 oz-in.), 100 oz-inch (250 oz-inch) and 135 oz-inch (350 oz-inch). Modified configurations are available for other torque and operating speeds.

BEI Sensors & Systems, 804-A Rancheros Dr., San Marcos, CA 92069; FAX (760) 744-0425; www.beikimco.com.

Motor fault diagnosis

SERIPLEX module allows simplified motor monitoring and network control of NEMA Type S contactors, starters and overload relays. The module allows controls to be linked by a single plug-and-play sensor bus cable and is compatible with Square D's NEMA Type S Motor Logic products from sizes 00 to 4. Applications include automotive, conveyance, transportation and other continuous process industries.

Square D, 1450 South Roselle, Palatine, IL 60067; FAX (847) 925-7271; www.squared.com.

Field configurable indicator

VisiPak Model V116 field-configurable indicator features three setpoint alarms, one or two relay outputs, and a NEMA 4-front panel that fits into a standard 1/16 DIN cut-out. The unit can be configured to accept any process variable or temperature input including 0-10V, 4-20 mA, Platinum 100-ohm RTD, or thermocouples (J, K, T, L, N, R, S, B and C). Model V116 comes with 85 to 265V ac or 20 to 29V dc power options and a digital I/O terminal that can be configured to accept an alarm input or to provide a TTL signal or relay output. Temperature, weight, flow, pressure, speed and position are some of the process variables that can be accurately measured.

Action Instruments, Inc., 8601 Aero Dr., San Diego, CA; FAX (858) 279-6290; www.actionio.com.

Test and measurement software

DIAdemTM provides a PC workshop for the acquisition and management of measurement data under Windows (3.x, 95/98/NT). The software contains tools for data acquisition, monitoring, open/closed loop control and real-time displays. Post-analysis functions including basic arithmetic manipulation, advanced tools for statistics, curve fitting, classifications, FFT analysis, digital filters, 3D/6D matrix manipulation and versatile graphs are also provided. Special modules are available for advanced analysis methods. Any number of axes, signals or texts can be displayed graphically and measured using cursors to obtain peak, delta-x and delta-y values.

GFS Inc., 43000 West Nine Mile Rd., Novi, MI 48375; FAX (248) 344-9536; www.gfsinc.com.

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