PRO 555 Solderless Breadboard

April 24, 2006

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PRO 555 Solderless Breadboard

User-repairable at an affordable price

Cal Test Electronics' new breadboards are designed for engineering, R&D, education, prototype circuit design and experimental circuit evaluations. They are the only ones available that can be repaired by the user, eliminating "dead spots." Technicians can remove the back and replace damaged contacts, using Model CT2044 PRO 555 Accessory Maintenance Kit parts. It offers a 25,000+ cycle contact life; 555 contact holes per board; sizing for standard .012- .031-inch contact pins; silk-screened nomenclature to assist in circuit layout and mounting holes on the back of the board. It's available by itself or pre-mounted on black anodized aluminum panels for larger circuit designs. It has a small, durable, rectangular, white, polyester plastic board with 430 contacts for IC's and components, in two side-by-side rows of 5 contacts by 43 rows. It also has 125 contacts in five lines of 5 × 5, for power and grounding. The boards can fit together into a matrix if needed, and the user can easily see the parts inside through the transparent rear panel. The boards use five binding posts which work with standard and sheathed banana plugs, allowing power, ground and signal connections. The panels come with a circuit-tracing pad for design development and documentation, and the boards are available in pre-build configurations, including Test Board 2, with 1110 pts with binding posts and pad, at $46.80, Test Board 3, with the same package, with 1665 pts for $63.70, Test Board 4, with the same package, with 2,220 pts at $80.60, and Test Board 6, with 3,330 pts, also with binding posts and pad, at $114.40. The accessory maintenance kits are $7 each, and accessory circuit trace paper pads are $6 each.

Cal Test Electronics

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