Phoenix Contact's PSR-TRISAFE/S

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April 10, 2010

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Phoenix Contact's PSR-TRISAFE/S

The PSR-TRISAFE isa safety controller that saves space and time while reducing risk and costs.The TRISAFE can monitor an entire safety circuit, from emergency stops tosafety doors, in a machine or plant. It is rated to the latest internationalmachine safety standards. It has 20 safety inputs and four Category 4 safetyoutputs. Using the free SAFECONF software package makes it easy to configurethe TRISAFE. TRISAFE and the simple SAFECONF software make it easy for thedesigner to develop the safety project, compile it and run the simulation. Thesoftware's drag-and-drop interface does not require any programming experience.The designer can create or modify projects using the simulation mode to verifyprogramming without ever connecting to the hardware or wiring the I/O. SinceSAFECONF can be downloaded free without even purchasing the TRISAFE, thesoftware provides a no-risk, no-charge test drive. TRISAFE's compact size andfour Category 4 outputs reduce space requirements. The hardware is just 67.5 mmwide, occupying 50 percent less DIN rail space than similar products available,while still offering the same amount of I/O. Each single safety output is ratedfor Safety Category 4/Performance Level "e" in accordance with EN954-1/ISO13849-1. Other products currently available must use two safety outputs toreach safety category 4. The designer saves 50 percent on the required safetyoutput point count when building a dangerous machine. Most safety controllersrequire complex software with expensive licensing fees, but SAFECONF is bothsimple and free.

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