Performance and Efficiency

July 18, 2005

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Performance and Efficiency

Competition among semiconductor suppliers eager to fill the demand for sophisticated motor controls has created a plethora of new options for motion control engineers. Many suppliers offer motion control integrated circuits (ICs) that combine the capability of both microcontrollers (MCUs) and digital signal processors (DSPs) rather than trading the capabilities of one for the other. These merged designs have the control capability of MCUs and the signal processing functions of DSPs. Digital signal controllers (DSCs) address the special requirements of motion control circuits as well as other power control applications. New MCUs and other motion control-specific ICs provide additional design alternatives.

Freescale Semiconductor 56F8013 DSC

Price: $2.99 each in quantities of 10,000's 56F8013 has a 16-bit DSC core with 32 million instructions per second (MIPS) and single-cycle multiply accumulate (MAC) execution. The units have a Harvard architecture that consists of three execution units operating in parallel, which allows as many as six operations per instruction cycle. For motion control applications, the units have 96 MHz PWM with programmable fault capability and a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a 1.125 msec conversion rate. The 16 kbyte of program Flash memory and 4 kbyte program/data random access memory (RAM) operate at 32 MHz (zero wait states) over the entire temperature range (-40C to +105C). Packaging for the 56F8013 is a 32-pin low-profile quad flat pack (LQFP). Development support for the 56F8000 series comes from CodeWarrior Development Studio Special Edition (with Processor Expert). Target applications include industrial and appliance motor control as well as control in power supplies and lighting.

Performance Motion Devices Inc. (PMD) MC73110 IC

Price: $18.00 each in OEM quantities's MC73110 motion control IC works in conjunction with a host microprocessor or controller through serial, SPI, or analog commands. The IC provides high-performance digital current loop, velocity loop, and commutation for brushless dc motors. In the velocity mode, the IC accepts velocity feedback from either a quadrature encoder (up to 10 Mcounts/sec) or a direct-input analog tachometer signal (using an internal 10-bit ADC), and provides velocity commands based on an internal velocity profile generator, an SPI 16-bit data stream, or a direct-input analog signal. In the torque mode, the unit uses an external torque command signal. The unit has a six-signal (20 kHz rate) PWM output with shoot-through protection to directly drive three half-bridge MOSFET or IGBT power amplifiers, and is packaged in a 64-pin plastic quad flat pack (PQFP). The MC73110 targets semiconductor automation, medical automation, and applications with high-performance, low-cost brushless motor amplifiers.

Microchip Technology dsPIC30F3010 DSC

Price: $5.45 each in quantities of 10,000's dsPIC30F3010 DSC operates at 20 MIPS and the higher performance dsPIC30F3011 operates at 30 MIPS. Both units have 24 kbytes of Flash program memory and can operate at full speed using an internal oscillator. Additional memory includes 1 kbyte of SRAM and 1 kbyte of high-endurance EEPROM data memory. Motor control functions include six-channel motor control PWMs, 10-bit ADC with up to nine signal channels and 1 million samples per second, five 16-bit timers, and a quadrature encoder interface. Communication capability includes SPI, I2C, and up to two UARTs (1 UART on the dsPIC30F3010). The dsPIC30F3010 comes in a 28-pin SDIP or SOIC, or a 44-pin QFN. To develop and debug sensor and sensorless algorithms for BLDC motor control using the dsPIC30F3010, Microchip recently added the PICDEM MC LV board to their development systems support.


Price: $20 each in quantities of 10,000's V850E2/ME3 is a general-purpose MCU with sufficient performance to address many applications including motor control. The 32-bit RISC controller has performance of 400 MIPS at 200 MHz enabled by a superscalar architecture and seven-pipeline structure. This allows simultaneous processing of two instruction sets using a single clock. Memory includes 168-kbyte, high-speed instruction RAM, an 8 kbyte instruction cache, and an 8 kbyte data cache. Other features include 12-channel, 16-bit timer/counter and an 8-channel ADC with 10-bit resolution. The V850E2/ME3 comes in a 24 × 24 mm, 176-pin QFP. Design support for the MCU includes in-circuit emulator, compilers, and debuggers. Target applications in include inverters used in air conditioning systems.

Texas Instruments TMS320F280x DSC

Price: $4.95 for TMS320F2801's TMS320F28x DSC family uses a 32-bit core with peripherals optimized for motor control, digital power conversion, and intelligent sensor control. The high-performance controller has 100 MIPS of 32-bit DSP performance and a pulse width modulator (PWM) that provides 16 bits of accuracy in a 100 kHz control loop and 12 bits at 1 MHz. The higher-resolution PWM means a faster transient response with smaller ripple amplitude. The 16-channel, multiplexed input ADC has 12-bit resolution and throughput of 160 ns/6.25 MSPS. All units are available in a 100-pin LQFP and a 100-ball BGA package. The units are targeted for industrial, appliance, automotive, medical, and consumer applications.

NEC 78K0/Fx Series MCUs

Prices: Not available. Send inquiries to [email protected].'s 78K0/Fx series use an 8-bit MCU core and feature a peripheral set specifically targeted at automotive body applications. Motor control-specific peripherals include up to 16 A/D converter channels, two 16-bit timers, and four 8-bit timers. The units have a 240 kHz ring oscillator that can provide a clock source for the internal watchdog timer and eliminate the need for external logic. Memory for the family ranges from 32 to 60 kbytes of Flash and up to 3 kbytes of RAM. Design support tools include the IECUBE in-circuit emulator that interfaces with the system programmer's computer via a USB 2.0 interface and the MINICube real-time emulator. Packaging types for the 78K0/Fx series are 44-, 64-, and 80-pin quad flat packs (QFP). Targeted applications in automotive body electronics include mirror control, door modules, and sunroof control.

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