PCL6143 Four-Axes Single IC Motion Processor

July 17, 2006

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PCL6143 Four-Axes Single IC Motion Processor

Flexibility and simplicity at a lower cost

Built for the medical, scientific and general automation fields, this processor is part of NPA's PCL61x3 line, made for controlling stepper and digital servomotors. It runs on a host microprocessor with an 8 or 16-bit parallel bus. It has output speeds up to 15Mpps, linear interpolation, S-curve acceleration/deceleration control, comparators, encoder inputs, and can change speed and position on the fly. It eliminates complex software programming with built-in advance motion control functions. It costs $47.71 in 100-piece quantities. Nippon Pulse America, Inc.http://rbi.ims.ca/4928-631

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