Orifice precisely restricts flow

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November 5, 2001

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Orifice precisely restricts flow

With an orifice tolerance of plus or minus 2%, the new IMH orifice from The Lee Co. precisely restricts fluid flow in medical instrumentation and disposable medical products. It also has industrial applications, including use as a timing device in hydraulic systems.

The orifice uses a controlled expansion principle for leak-tight installations. "What makes our orifice different is that it uses no threads or sealant, so it is easily installed in drilled holes and other openings," says Steve Plumley, a mechanical engineer and the product manager for the company's IMH orifice products. "This method of retention seals with no by-pass leakage," he adds. Retention strengths up to 3,000 psi are possible.

The stainless steel orifice is flow tested in both directions. "Its flow is more accurate than orifices specified by hole tolerances," mentions Plumley. He says the company measures accuracy with a unit of measure they developed called Lohms. "It's similar to the electrical measurement of resistance to electrical flow that is called ohms, but instead of electrical resistance, Lohms is a measure of resistance to fluid flow."

The company also offers brass orifices for gases, featuring a barbed design for installation into plastic housings. These orifices are available for more than 50 standard flow rates. All products are flow-tested in both directions for ensuring the flow tolerances are within plus or minus 2%. Orifices with barbed design have flow tolerances of plus or minus 5%.

Additional Details...Steve Plumley, The Lee Co., 2 Pettipaug Rd., P.O. Box 424, Westbrook, CT 06498-0424; Tel: (860) 399-6281; Fax (860) 399-2270; or Enter No. 508.

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