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September 5, 2005

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New and Notable Product Design


GE Entry Scan ( People processing for security takes advantage of PLC technology developed for other industries. GE engineers use PLCs to analyze the airflow around the human body and automate security screening. Using trace detection technology, the unit detects a wide range of explosives and narcotics, complementing x-rays and metal detectors. The walk-through portal is fully automated with visible and audible instructions that direct passengers when to enter and leave. The unit even performs self-diagnostics for maintenance. When a passenger is in the portal, the EntryScan3 releases puffs of air to stir up particles on clothes or skin. The unit captures and analyzes the air sample for traces of explosives.


Motoman's RoboBar ( This dual-arm robot features motoman's compact NXC100 controller, housed in its base. The Robobar uses its PLC capability to pour and mix drinks with the repeatability required in industrial processing. Available in two model types, system control functions in either model include a magnetic card scanner to authorize drink service and a touch screen to choose a beverage. In the entertainment model, the PLC controls the robot holding a cup in one hand and a liquor bottle with the other hand, similar to its human alternative. In the high production model, the robot handles cups with both hands and can simultaneously dispense two beer or wine selections.


Sharut Furniture Plasma in Motion ( Part of the Furniture in Motion product line, the Plasma in Motion is an entertainment wall with a movable flat panel mounting surface that controls height with patented motion technology. An installed monitor can be adjusted up or down by remote control to provide an optimum line of sight. A single PLC controls the two motors that adjust the display's position to the exact desired height with almost unlimited stops. The unit holds most 60-inch flat screen displays on the adjustable panel as well as 52-inch DLP or LCD projection TVs, which can weigh over 150 lbs.

DVD WARNING AND BAR CODE LABELS Label-Aire, Inc. DVD Case Labeling System ( To meet the requirements of a DVD and CD manufacturing customer, Label-Aire modified its Inline Series 6000 open-frame labeling system. PLC technology allowed an easy transition to a labeling system that applies pre-printed security warning labels and also prints and applies bar code labels to the tops and bottoms of DVD movie cases. The unit has two pneumatic wipe-down stations that ensure the pressure-sensitive labels have adhered to the front and back of each case. With labels applied at speeds up to 80 ppm, label placement accuracy is ±0.8 mm.  
FLYING MACHINE Geauga Lake X-Flight Roller Coaster ( The X-Flight is a lay-down coaster that reaches top speeds of 50 mph with a 66-ft vertical loop, inversions, corkscrew twists, and horseshoe spirals. To ensure riders' safety, engineers at Vekoma International ( of The Netherlands installed six Allen-Bradley Pico controllers on each X-Flight train to monitor the status of the 40 different proximity sensors located on the side of each car. The controllers confirm that lap belts are in place and safety T-bars are locked into position. Once each Pico controller verifies proper status to another Allen-Bradley master controller, the ride is ready for take-off. For more information on Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley Pico controllers go to

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