More Appealing to the Eye

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October 1, 2009

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More Appealing to the Eye

Analog components play a huge role in the broadcast of high-resolution video. Developers at Phabrix have unveiled a handheld instrument that meets the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers standards for comprehensive 3G/HD/SD eye pattern rendering and jitter measurement. The Phabrix SxE is a combined serial digital interface (SDI) test instrument configured with generator, analyzer and monitor, complete with an eye and jitter analysis toolset. It employs five National Semiconductor Corp. signal conditioning and data conversion chips including the ADC10040, a 10-bit, 40 MSPS precision ADC with differential pipeline architecture. The 3G-SDI serializer and deserializer, the LMH0340 and LMH0341, deliver ultra-low output jitter and high-input jitter tolerance.

More Appealing to the Eye

More Appealing to the Eye_A

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