Marine Current Turbines Pursues Partnership in Canadian Coasts

November 29, 2007

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Marine Current Turbines Pursues Partnership in Canadian Coasts

Marine Current Turbines Ltd. (MCT) recently announced its collaboration with two Canadian companies to develop tidal energy on the east and west coasts of Canada. “The agreements in place are partnering agreements that we work together, in essence prospecting and developing sites on both the east and the west coast,” says Joe Verdi, commercial director for MCT and formerly of EDF Energy.

On the east coast, MCT has partnered with Maritime Tidal Energy Corp. to deploy a tidal turbine off the coast of Nova Scotia in the Bay of Fundy as part of a request for proposals (RFP) by Nova Scotia’s Department of Energy (DOE).

According to a DOE release the RFP is “to find the most efficient, durable, non-invasive technology in existence that will allow the province to tap into the natural power coming through the tides and establish an industry center for technology.” According to Verdi, the DOE will choose three of the proposed tidal devices, which are expected to be deployed by the spring of 2009.

On the west coast of Canada, MCT has partnered with BC Tidal Energy Corp. to deploy at least three 1.2-MW turbines in the Campbell River or in the surrounding coastline of British Columbia by 2009. According to MCT, the proposed tidal farm, which is subject to consent, would generate enough energy to attend to the needs of 3,000 homes.

According to Verdi, there are a finite amount of places around the globe suitable for tidal turbines. On top of that, “every site in tidal renewable is unique,” he says. The tidal coasts of Nova Scotia and British Columbia are both examples of areas that could utilize tidal turbines.

According to Verdi, MCT is interested in working with local partners to provide its expertise and technology for tidal turbines. “Expertise and resource assessment, where you actually set these turbines — once we’ve done all that we will then know and we will then in essence build a machine or provide a machine that is suitable for that location,” he says.

MCT’s technology is present in the SeaGen Tidal Turbine, which has been built and is awaiting final assembly and deployment off the coast of Northern Ireland in Strangford Lough as previously reported by Design News.

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