Legal statements become issue with IPC standards

DN Staff

September 17, 2005

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Legal statements become issue with IPC standards

The type of legal statement that will accompany environmental materials declaration standards has become a concern among those who seek a standard format for communicating RoHS compliance and the material content of their electronic parts. According to IPC – the Association Connecting Electronic Industries – a significant portion of industry discussions on the emerging standards focus on the legal statement that will accompany IPC-1751 (Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management) and IPC-1752 (Materials Declaration Management).

Some of the members of the committee working on the standards believe the signature certifying the document should only attest to the form having been completed accurately, while the details of compliance should remain between the parts supplier and its customers. Others want the form to have strong legal “teeth” that certifies the material content of the part is RoHS compliant. The committee has decided to include both a statement of accuracy and a legal statement of compliance and let the users choose their preferred option.

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