Lay-in cable carrier

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November 4, 2002

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Lay-in cable carrier

Latched covers on the wireway allow ready access for servicing and protection from rain and snow. Top access and clear cross section of the wireway premit lay-in, snag-free deployment of cabling.

Wireways carry cables, wiring, and other lines to keep them from dust and other harmful elements that could damage the lines if not protected. While some applications may require fluid-tight sealing of the wireway, depending on the use and contents, it is not always necessary to provide a watertight seal. Some uses require just covering wiring and other lines may not need a fluid-tight seal. Sealed conduits may also require extensive assembly time in joining and sealing sections and have a higher inherent cost. Existing wireways that are not sealed may typically depend on many bolts and other mounting hardware to join extended sections together.

The patented Lay-In Type 3R Wireway by Hoffman is a simple design with minimal parts for eased assembly, using tabs and slots on adjacent sections, while providing protection from water in industrial environments. All sections and connecting fittings are open on the top so cabling can be laid in along an entire run without any potentially damaging "pulling through" of wires required. Removable covers are installed over the open top, overlapping the sides and firmly closing with quick release latches to provide a rain-tight cover but fast internal access. The side of the cover opposite the latches has a hinge with tongues that fit into slots in the top flange on the other side of the wireway channel. This arrangement allows for opening and holding the cover at 90 degrees or completely removing it by pulling the hinge out of the slots.

The lay-in system features various elbows, tees, reducers, closure plates, and cross connection sections as well as mounting brackets and hangers. The wireway is rated NEMA/EEMAC Type 3R and IEC 60529, IP32.

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