Inductosyn® Rotary and Linear Position Transducers

April 10, 2006

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Inductosyn® Rotary and Linear Position Transducers

Super-accurate measurements

Farrand's transducers can offer precise measurements of angular or linear position displacements. The rotary transducers are accurate down to ± 0.5 arc-sec or better, with resolution to 26 bits. The linear transducers can measure as fine as ± 40 inches or better, with sub-inch resolution. They are highly reliable, insensitive to temperature and can be directly mounted onto many substrate materials. They are durable, resisting shock, vibration, temperature extremes, high pressure and hard vacuum. They can keep working even after exposure to oils, liquids, dust, dirt and salt spray. There are a number of military, space and industrial applications, including air traffic control radars, military/naval surveillance and target tracking radars, positioning systems for cryo-vac chambers, motion simulators, optical tracking systems for firing ranges, rate tables, satellite communication ground station antennae, ship-borne target acquisition and tracking systems, automatic gauge control systems for rolling mills, and spaceflight qualified robotic arms, satellite gimbal systems and scanner mechanisms.

Farrand Controls Div., Ruble Companies Inc.

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