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December 5, 2005

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In the Marketplace

Miniature Solenoid Valve

For moderately aggressive fluids, gases

The semi-inert LHIX Series solenoid valve is designed for applications such as anesthesia and reagent delivery, inkjet printing, gas detection systems and other flow switching uses. Noted for corrosion resistance, it features a FFKM/PFE elastomer, a 316 CRES spring, and a Lee Alloy armature and plunger stop. Weighing under 4.5 gm and consuming 550 mW, the valve comes in plug-in, face mount, and ported soft tube configurations. The Lee Co.

Touch Screen Terminal

Provides flexibility

QSI's QTERM-G70 is a rugged, Ethernet-enabled graphic human-machine terminal that uses an object-based graphic terminal programming language called Qlarity (pronounced Clarity), and a touch screen to interface with the user. The terminal features industrial-grade hardware features and options including a 320×240 lighted graphic LCD display, 100Base-T Ethernet with TCP/IP support, touch screen with optional PS/2 keyboard connection, and an EIA-232, -422 or -485 serial interface. The QTERM-G70 graphic terminal is ruggedized for use in harsh industrial environments and is NEMA-4 rated and CE certified. QSI Corp.

Motor & Driver

Pole Damping Technology included

The SilverPak 23D is an integrated NEMA 23, 1.8-degree step motor and microstepping driver. Capable of up to 210 oz-inch of holding torque, the SilverPak 23D features jumper configurable step resolutions from 2× up to 256× microstepping and four selectable damping modes. The integrated motor/driver combination offers 15 to 48V dc operation, current ranges of 0.3 to 3A peak, and body lengths of 2.52, 2.96 and 3.89 inches. Lin Engineering

Low-Profile Rotary Stage

Automated material handling capability

The ACS LP series ultra-low profile rotary stage features Integral pneumatic ER collet chuck, clear aperture for product feed-through, and Integral rotary union. The low profile is designed to cut down on "stack-up" related errors. The rotary stage uses direct-drive technology for high throughput stemming from quicker acceleration and higher top speeds than gear or belt-driven mechanisms. Aerotech

Integrated Driver/Controller

Provides 100 percent more torque and power than typical 80V dc stepper drivers

The DPMLP601 will shorten any system's cycle time while increasing overall productivity because the driver can generate 100 percent more power and torque than the typical 80DV dc stepper drivers. This product's programming capabilities give the flexibility to develop motion routines, turn on discrete outputs, and monitor outputs, just to name a few. The single axis controller contains 2 Kbytes of nonvolatile stored programming space and encoder feedback. The DPMLP601 provides independent control of a stepper motor from a PC's serial port or any RS232/RS485 machine controller serial port. The SMC60WIN software is easy to operate and can be used to directly control motion and create programs with a graphical interface. Anaheim Automation

Solenoid Valve

Ultra-miniature size

The Series 120 solenoid valve weighs 300 mg and needs a 1-msec pulse to switch the state—+5V dc to open, -5V dc to close. Magnetically latched, the solenoid valve offers bi-stable performance and quiet operation in a 0.12-inch O.D. x 0.40-inch package. Applications for the valve include air piloting, lab automation, and power-sensitive OEM flow switching devices. The Lee Co.

Linear Actuators

New 25-mm metric stroke offering

The Z26000 captive linear actuators now also feature a metric stroke offering of 25 mm. The new available stroke provides up to 4.5 kg of force and features resolutions from 0.0127 to 0.1016 mm. The Z-series linear actuators may be used in medical devices, small machinery, instrumentation, and high-volume applications. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.

Orifice and Filter Connectors

Liquid and gas flow control

The company's miniature orifice and filter connectors are designed for precise flow control of liquid and gas. The 1/16 inline barbed orifice connectors and 3-56 thread for 1/16 barb connectors come in sizes ranging from 0.0004 to 0.035 and feature standard filtration levels of 5, 25, and 43 microns. Bird Precision

Fiber Optic Swabs

For cleaning tight areas

Qosina's precision polyurethane foam swabs are adhesive-free, leave no strands or residue, and provide abrasion resistance, making them excellent for wiping fiber optic connectors or cleaning tight areas. Approximately 6.3 inches in length and offered with either a 1.5 or a 2.4 mm diameter head, the foam head wicks moisture and can be utilized to apply solvents or other liquids. Quosina

Motion control system

Two to five times more throughput

The VascuLathe motion system, intended for stent manufacturing uses, reportedly offers more throughput than traditional screw-based systems and submicron tolerances on tight part geometries. It features direct-drive linear and rotary motion capability. Since it needs fewer machines to produce stents, it can offer lower total labor costs and less floor space requirements and therefore lower costs. Aerotech

Porous Metal Solution

Medical device applications

The company's porous metal solutions are intended for applications, especially medical devices, which feature corrosive environments, high temperatures, exacting flow specifications, efficiencies, and customized products and filters. Products include titanium vent filters, filters to prevent plugging in catheters, porous metal cups for test stands, and precision flow restrictors for gas circuitry of anesthesia delivery systems. Mott Corp.


New 18-mm metric stroke available

The Z26000 captive linear actuators' new 18-mm metric stroke features up to 4.5 kg of force and resolutions from 0.0127 to 0.1016 mm per step. Designed to replace belts and pulleys or racks and pinions, the Z-series linear actuators use rare earth magnets in either low or high volume uses. Applications include small machinery, instrumentation, medical devices, and applications needing high volumes of linear motion. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.

Thread Sealant

Inert to aggressive chemicals

LOX-8 is formulated into a paste (a thread sealant) or a grease (an antigalling agent for stainless steel), both of which are compatible with gaseous oxygen. LOX-8 is hydrophobic, and is intended for use in the presence of water and humid conditions, as well as nonaqueous applications. It is also non-migrating, so it stays where it is applied. Fluoramics Inc.

Silicone Bonding Process

Meets medical requirements for repeat autoclave sterilization

Surgical and dental instrument safety, design, and function can be improved when silicone grips and sleeves are custom-molded to the instruments. Minnesota Rubber's proprietary silicone bonding process creates a hermetic seal between the silicone and the over-molded instrument. This seal withstands repeated autoclave cycling and inhibits the migration of body fluids between sealed surfaces. Ergonomically designed features increase rotational control of instruments while providing a light and secure grip. Silicone molded designs are possible that satisfy requirements for accuracy, durability, comfort, and, most significantly, tactile sensitivity. They also allow for color customization of stainless steel, high-performance plastics, and aluminum instruments. In addition to surgical and dental instruments, the process has a potential fit for a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical applications. Minnesota Rubber and QMR Plastics

Check Valve

Made for plastics installation

A barbed design and miniature cartridge style mark the CCPI Series Press-In Chek® valve. The design is intended to provide retention and avoid by-pass leakage around the valve. Made of stainless steel and compatible with most fluids, the valve comes in cracking pressures from 0 to 72.5 psid and diameters of 2.5, 5.5, and 8 mm. The Lee Co.

Online Cable Configurator

Five day lead time

Users of the High Flex Flat Cable and Trackless Cable Configurator receive a 3D downloadable CAD model for configuring GORE High Flex Flat Cable or GORE Trackless Cable. The High Flex Flat Cable comes in a spooled cable version for high volumes and a discrete length cable for variable lengths. The Trackless Cable is designed to eliminate problems from vibration, particulation, weight, and size. W.L. Gore & Associates

10-mm DC Micromotor

Precious metal commutation

The Series 1024…S uses "System FAULHABER" ironless rotor and Neodymium rare earth magnets for 2.89 mNM stall torque and speeds up to 14,700 rpm. Low contact resistance enables the micromotor to operate at low starting voltages, and the 1-mm diameter motor shaft is intended to guarantee high rotational stability. For a complete miniature DC drive system, users can combine the Series 1024…S with an encoder and a gearbox, available in 10 and 12-mm diameters for planetary and spur gearboxes. MicroMo Electronics Inc.

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