Humphrey Products Offers Unique 410M Manifolds for Versatile 310 and 410 Valves

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February 6, 2010

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Humphrey Products Offers Unique 410M Manifolds for Versatile 310 and 410 Valves

FLUID POWER:  The Humphrey Products’ 410M Series Manifold is designed to accommodate the standard 310 and 410 inline solenoid valves. This special design enables mounting both three-way and four-way valves on the same manifold, with the 310 Series mounting orientation determining the normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) function. Manifolds are available in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 station lengths. The manifold contains two galleys, one is common media supply port and the other is a common vent/exhaust port. Other accessories include manifold station block-off plates, a separate 12-station control board that simplifies electrical connections between valves and/or sensors.The Humphrey Products 310 and 410 solenoid valves are versatile, robust components for any pneumatic application. This balanced poppet design makes them ideal for low power and high flow applications. The 310 and 410 Series valves are compact 1/8-inch ported three-way and four-way direct acting solenoid valves. The short-stroke balanced poppet design permits rapid cycling and requires no lubrication. The 310 series can be plumbed normally open, normally closed or as a selector or diverter.

The 310 Series valves have a 0.12 CV; the 410 Series valves have a 0.14 CV.  Both valves are rated for air and inert gas from vacuum at 28-inches Hg to 125 psig. The continuous duty coil has a power consumption of 4.5W, comes with flying leads and is available in a range of ac and dc voltages.  A push, non-locking manual override is standard. Options include conduit connectors, plug-in DIN-type connectors, locking override and built-in flow controls on the 410 Series valves to save space, weight and the additional cost of external flow controls.

- Edited by Liz Taurasi

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