How About Plastic Exhaust Systems?

DN Staff

March 2, 2010

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How About Plastic Exhaust Systems?

What’s the next Holy Grail for plastics automotive applications? How
about a nylon exhaust system? In an interview with Design News
yesterday, DuPont’s global powertrain lead, Ganluigi Molteni, raised
that possibly. The reason is a newly developed DuPont Zytel grade that
significantly boosts nylon’s heat performance and ability to withstand
various chemical environments.

Plastic exhaust systems would be a big deal. In the first place,
they would last longer because of their corrosion resistance. Secondly,
they can be molded to better fit tight spaces-just the way blow molded
plastic fuel tanks were a game changer. Of course, they’ll also weigh
less-an increasingly important goal as OEMs strive to meet rougher
mileage requirements. And assembly is simplified because parts can be

It’s also possible that plastic exhaust systems could be engineered to
enhance engine horsepower and reduce vehicle emissions. Maybe noise

Original equipment mufflers consume well over 150 million pounds of
stainless steel annually in North America. The total nylon under-the
hood market in North America is about 300 million pounds, according to
industry estimates.

The status of specific conversion projects is secret.

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