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November 2, 1998

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Modular enclosure offers flexibility

COMBICARD® II 5000 and 6000 Series modular enclosures provide IP66/NEMA 4 protection and feature a patented integral tension-lever hinge lock that enables the system to be put together without tools, reducing assembly time and saving money. The hinging system also eliminates the need for tie bars and hardware, and allows the enclosure to be opened at all hinge points on both sides for quick and easy access to electronics. The system comprises four covers, three center sections (vented or non-vented), and three rear covers--all of which can be assembled in varying configurations to produce a custom design. In addition, a removable internal card-cage chassis can be used for press-in motherboards or two-part connectors. Rose+Bopla Enclosures, Product Code 4479

Enclosures offer high storage capacity

JMR Electronics says its FortraTM units offer the highest storage capacity available for standard RAID and JBOD enclosures. The units are configured for 2, 4, 6, or 8 bays in the desktop design; 10 drive bays in the 19-inch rackmount model; and either 10 or 20 drive bays in the pedestal model. JMR says its rackmount chassis is the first unit in the industry measuring 3U (5.25 inches) in height and 10 drive canisters horizontally. Current 19-inch rackmount enclosures are limited to a maximum of eight standard-sized hard disk drives and measure from 6 to 7 inches in height, the company says. In addition, the hot-swappable drive canisters are interchangeable between all models. The enclosures' dual power supplies and high-efficiency blowers are also hot-swappable. In addition, all Fortra enclosures have a common look that includes brushed aluminum bezels that can be customized with various colors. JMR Electronics, Product Code 4480

OI enclosure system accommodates control applications

Rittal has expanded its VIP 6000 operator interface product line to accommodate a wider variety of flat panels and more traditional-sized controls panels. The company says cooling fins on the enclosure offer cost-effective heat dissipation; while fast, flexible interior installation is possible with all-round screw channels. Five connector depths are available, and hinges enable optimum access during assembly and maintenance work. The enclosure also features rigid and adjustable frame connectors between the command panel and the keyboard housing to satisfy ergonomic requirements. New accessories include a depth expansion unit, side input/drive door, floor-mount base. In addition, the VIP 6000 system features an optional, small, 230V air conditioner developed to cool these enclosures at a capacity of 920 BTU at 60 Hz. Rittal Corp. Product Code 4481

Enclosures support SCA drives at high bus speeds

Ultra2 3000 Low-Voltage Differential (LVD) storage enclosures provide support for 10,000 rpm single-connector attachment (SCA) drives at Ultra2 bus speeds. The enclosures feature LVD throughout the chassis and offer high-speed, 80 Mbytes/sec data transfer rates plus cable lengths of up to 12m. Standard 1.65-inch or low-profile 1-inch SCA drives can be easily mounted in the enclosure's hot-swap field-replaceable drive trays. To ensure drive alignment, the trays feature a special cam lock mechanism and lever that allow the drive to correctly engage the enclosure's midplane and properly secure the canister. This design protects the SCA connector and drives from excess rotational vibration which can affect drive-head alignment and cause read-write errors--especially important for 10,000 rpm drives. The same drive canisters can be used in all four enclosure models--two- and four-high tabletop, eight-high tower, and eight-drive rackmount configurations. Trimm Technologies, Product Code 4482

Component housings meet pcb needs

Phoenix Contact's new line of ME electronic component housings offer ample space for the pc board and its components while accommodating up to 24 connection points. The housing measures 114.5 mm (4.5 inches) in height and comes in four widths: 12.5, 17.5, 22.5, and 35 mm (0.49, 0.69, 0.89 inch, and 1.38 inches, respectively). The enclosures' features include: fixed or pluggable terminations, an optional grounding element, a metal mounting foot, metal board-extraction locks, and open or closed ventilation slots. These ME housings are primarily for use by manufacturers of signal conditioning modules, interface modules, gas detection devices, sensors, and level-measurement devices, and any type of monitoring or measuring equipment. Phoenix Contact, Product Code 4483

Packaging system suited for rugged environments

Electronic Solutions' VanguardTM CompactPCI enclosure uses IEEE 1101.10-compliant Dot.TenTM components in a mechanical form factor suitable for rugged environments. Power is supplied to the unit by one or two plug-in power-supply modules, each 150 or 300W. Total power capacity of the unit is 600W with two supplies, or the power supplies can be operated with N+1 redundancy for a 300W capacity. In addition, the continuous range supplies can be used in international applications without reconfiguration--important for manufacturers shipping their products globally. The company says its Peripheral Mounting Adapters (PMAs) enable easy reconfiguration, updating, and servicing of the units. Standard PMAs offer a range of 5.25- and 3.5-inch options. A thermal monitoring option continuously measures internal chassis temperatures and adjusts the fan speed for minimal acoustical noise while providing the necessary cooling. An audible alarm sounds when the Vanguard chassis reaches 45C. The voltage monitoring option continuously measures the voltages at the backplane to the CompactPCI specification, and provides LED indicators for voltage status. Zero Corp., Electronic Solutions, Product Code 4484

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