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June 19, 2000

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Lock-out relays feature LEDs

Series 24 Lock-Out-Relays (LORs) from Electroswitch Corp. now have LED-equipped Smart Nameplates. The LEDs continuously display trip-coil continuity and provide distinct warning against closing into a fault. If a fault is detected, the LOR kicks into the trip position, with a red LED light as the trip-signal monitor. As long as trip signal is present, the red LED glows as a warning against repeated resetting with the fault still present, which can damage the coil. Jeff Golarz, business development manager at Electroswitch, adds "The LEDs replace an old and much more costly incandescent lamp-based device which has to be replaced frequently." Electroswitch Corp: Product Code 5093

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Slide switch aimed at hand-helds

According to Kiyoko Toyama, president of NKK Switches, the company's engineers designed the Series SS3 surface-mount slide switch for hand-held applications, such as medical and communications equipment, where space is at a premium. "Gold-plated, self-wiping contacts ensure stable and highly reliable contactability," he adds, "and the steel-ball and metallic-gear detent mechanism can withstand severe soldering heat-important in process compatibility." Toyama also notes the switch's folded stationary contactor configuration, which provides increased contact pressure, smooth actuation, and added reliability. The switch body is 2.9 mm high and the polyphenylene outer base meets the UL 94-O flammability standard. Single-pole/double-throw and single-pole/triple-throw versions are available with a logic-level contact rating of 0.1A at 12V dc. NKK Switches: Product Code 5090

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Signal relay shrinks footprint

Fujitsu Takamisawa America (FTA) added to its line of fourth-generation signal relays with a slim device that occupies 21% less PCB area than the series' flat model, and is geared for high-frequency data networking and communications equipment. FTA Product Manager Seiki Sato says the FTR-B4 relay has a new electromagnetic circuit design for the actuator and low coil power consumption. The device measures 10.6x5.7 mm and is available with surface-mount- (9.7 mm high) or through-hole/surface-mount- (9.3 mm high) compatible terminals. The FTR-B4 meets Bellcore and FCC Part 68 requirements. Surge strength between open contacts is 1,500V ac and 2,500V ac between coil and contacts. Dielectric strength between open contacts is 1,000V ac (one minute). Fujitsu Takamisawa America: Product Code 5091

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Snap action goes lower cost

Users now have more options in Omron's snap-action switch series with its D3V model. According to Omron Switches Product Specialist Mike Cortese, the external actuators available on the D3V offer flexibility, as well as feature two operate positions and removability. Internally fitted levers are also available. There are also models with the hinge position set closer to the plunger. While made in Indonesia for low cost, the D3V meets international standard EN61058-1, and is thus a worldwide switch. "The silver plating on the contacts makes for an environmentally friendly switch," as opposed to the beryllium copper used before, according to Cortese. With a temperature rating up to 105C, the switch is tailored for use in microwave ovens and home appliances. Other applications include vending machines, HVAC, and office automation products. The D3V comes in 6, 11, and 16A general-purpose models. Omron: Product Code 5092

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Sealed interrupter cuts maintenance

The ANSI-rated Square D Co. HVL/cc Medium Voltage Metal-Enclosed Switchgear interrupter switch is encased in an epoxy enclosure, which reduces the footprint up to 75% compared to conventional metal-enclosed switchgear, according to the company. This sealed design eliminates external arcing (because all interruption takes place within the sealed enclosure) and maintenance on main and ground switch contacts, and prevents contamination. Tony Narusevicius, switchgear product manager, adds, "Grounded metal barriers segregate all live parts between compartments. All switches and components are factory sealed and UL tested as a complete assembly, for added peace of mind." Applications include hospitals, industrial facilities, and commercial buildings. Square D Company: Product Code 5094

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Switch boosts bandwidth legacy

The Ignitus 3500 Integrated Access Switch is designed to combine the best elements of edge, packet, and circuit switching to provide higher bandwidth to legacy TDM networks not optimized for newer applications. The switch is a high-density, high-speed SONET and ATM edge device combining features of both along with Passive Optical Network and Dense WDM technology, decreasing the need for additional equipment. The device addresses the link between customer premises and network core, often called the edge of the public network, a key bottleneck in high-speed connectivity. "The Ignitus 3500 is a blend of next-generation packet technology and current transport methodologies," says David Marble, Ignitus Communications vice president. The device features 5 Gbit/s ATM switch architecture offering 32,000 virtual circuits. Ignitus Communications: Product Code 5095

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