Highlights from Computer Technology Solutions

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November 16, 1998

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Highlights from Computer Technology Solutions
Different name, same show Rumor has it that the Autofact show keeps shrinking. The rumor is true. This year, in fact, Autofact completely disappeared--at least in name. On September 28 to October 1 at COBO Hall in Detroit, MI, Autofact officially became Computer Technology Solutions. Show sponsors, the Society of Mfg. Engineers (SME), renamed the conference to better reflect the dynamic nature of information technologies, focusing on the manufacturing enterprise. Attendees saw more than 250 product debuts. Here's a look at some of the best: CAD/CAE sampler Applicon debuted Bravo 7.0 based on ACIS 4.1. Complete with tolerance and healing capabilities, Bravo features a common architecture for its design and manufacturing product lines...Ashlar released the second service pack of Vellum Solids with 134 enhancements, such as local face modeling and lofting solids from profiles ...Baystate Technologies launched CADKEY 98, integrating the solid modeling advances of FastSOLID and ACIS 4.2 technology. High-lights include dynamic primitive creation and new lofted solids...IBM and Dassault Systems launched CATIA Version 5 for WindowsNT and UNIX. Data can be shared between environments with the same data, delivery, environment, and support across all supported hardware platforms...Parametric Technology Corp. announced Pro/ENGINEER(R) Solutions release 20 which includes a new user interface, sketching environment, and a 3D Notes communication tool...SolidWorks' SolidWorks 98PLUS includes Snap-to-Fit Smart Mates that automatically capture assembly mating relationships and a lightweight component that opens large assemblies up to 300% faster...Spatial Technologies released a deformable modeler for free-form surface editing and debuted ACIS 5.0 which focuses on interoperability, tolerant modeling, and healing...Unigraphics Solutions' Solid Edge V6 features STREAM technology and can be used to model plastic parts with application-specific features and complex sheet metal. Computer potpourri DesignSpace Enterprise from ANSYS helps solve engineering problems and answers fundamental questions during the design process. It also features an automatic web-enabled report publisher...CADSI featured DesignWorks 98 Plus, which provides motion, structure, and thermal analysis fully embedded in SolidWorks 98Plus...InterData Access (IDA) introduced VisionShare, an interactive digital mock-up solution that provides collaborative viewing and analysis of complex designs...DIVISION Inc. debuted dV/MockUp 6.0 which provides direct interfaces to Alias and SDRC's I-DEAS modeling packages. It also integrates with Metaphase and PTC's EPD.Connect PDM systems ...ImageWear introduced Class 1 surfacing ability integrated into its Surfacer Version 8.5 beta release...C-MOLD partnered with SolidWorks to bring their product to the mid-range market. The teamwork eliminated the software's mechanical-windows base, but continues to use the same engine as in the high-end software...Cubital America Inc. introduced the AccuCast process for making mold tools for casting. Based on Cubital's Solid Ground Curing (SGC) methodology, it eliminates the need for a parting line. Build volume capability is 500 3 350 3 180 mm in 24 hrs....Technoplan's PC-based Virtual Digital Mockup Conferencing software enables product reviews on-line, in real time. Each attendee, represented on screen as an animated person, can examine the product and discuss with others through a common Internet chat-forum...Engineering Animation Inc. (EAI) introduced its VisFactory suite to help engineers create, visualize, analyze, and simulate factory layouts ...Hewlett-Packard unveiled immersive-visualization solutions that enable design teams to walk through a life-size virtual object, interact with the design data, and resolve design flaws in real time prior to building physical prototypes. The company also introduced PA-8500 board upgrades for VISUALIZEModel C200 and VISUALIZEModel C240 UNIX(R) system-based workstations...Silicon Graphics introduced a high-resolution, digital, flat-panel monitor, the Silicon Graphics(R) 1600SWTM. The monitor features a 17.3-inch 1,600 3 1,024 pixel super-wide-format screen.
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