Han-Kwang's Fully Automatic Tube Cutting Laser System

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February 25, 2010

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Han-Kwang's Fully Automatic Tube Cutting Laser System

ELECTRONICS: Han-Kwang USA announces immediate availability of its new Model TL 6015, a tube cutting laser system capable of handling 24-ft-long, 6.5-inch diameter workpieces up to ¼ inch wall thickness in mild steel and 0.200 inch in stainless steel. Equipped with a powerful 2.5KW Panasonic laser and a versatile Siemens 840D CNC to control all functions of the machine, the TL 6015 can significantly increase the tube production in any department or shop, especially when used with Han-Kwang’s proprietary “Flex 3D” tube-cutting software. The unit comprises an automatic bundle loading system with tube V-support, auto-centering rotary chucking system, laser cutting station and automatic parts removal station.

Maximum positioning speed on this new laser system is 4,700ipm for the X-axis and 120 rpm for the rotary A-axis. Max acceleration rate is 1G, while the laser beam is precisely controlled by the unique Han-Kwang Auto Focus Control (AFC). This AFC technology allows the machine to automatically adjust the focal length of the cutting lens to accommodate variations in the materials being processed or changes in material feed, which eliminates the downtime normally associated with manual adjustments.

A new generation of sensing board in the S5 laser-cutting head on the TL 6015 translates into faster cutting speeds on round, square or rectangular shapes.

In a recent design modification, the entire loading section of the machine has been enclosed.


-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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