Gore Wins Global Warming Nobel, Invents the Internet, and Cures Cancer

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November 6, 2007

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Gore Wins Global Warming Nobel, Invents the Internet, and Cures Cancer

The Nobel Committee must not be reading my blog.

They awarded Al Gore the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the “struggle against climate change”; as reported in MSNBC’s “Gore, U.N. climate panel win Nobel Peace Prize”, and elsewhere.


I have no beef with the award going for global warming advocacy, and I think Gore’s co-Nobelaureate, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a fine selection. As I have said before, whether Global Warming is real or not, there are compelling reasons to become a carbon-neutral, sustainable civilization. Greenhouse gas emissions are a significant issue worthy of the global recognition a Nobel Prize proffers.


The issue is that the Nobel Committee is glorifying what I see to be the fundamental problem in the global climate change debate: unqualified, non-technical people analyzing scientific data and presenting the results as if they are fact. Nothing in science is known absolutely; see my recent post, “Global Warming is Too Hot to Handle” for more on my position.


As I pointed out in “Traum Reviews ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ ”, I have grave reservations about the “scientific” data used Gore’s movie because it does not come from reputable scientific sources. Sorry folks, the Washington Post and Time Magazine are good reads, but they are not peer-reviewed scientific journals. Gore also repeatedly states in his movie that humans are capable of reversing global warming, but the film is woefully lacking in telling us how.


The Nobel Peace Prize should go to an organization or person who actually accomplished something. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. curbed racism in America; Mikhail Gorbachev prevented World War III; but did Al Gore stop global warming? No! He didn’t even put a dent in it. In fact, in his personal life, Gore does not practice what he preaches. For example CNSnews.com reports, “Bush’s Ranch House ‘Far More Eco-Friendly’ Than Gore’s”!


By selecting a career politician, a big talker, a showman, but not a scientist for their global warming Peace Prize, the Nobel Committee has sullied and stained the legitimate science behind global climate change. They have opened the door for every environmentalist crack-pot with a conspiracy theory and too much spare time to fight that much harder to get his or her issue into the limelight.


Science is no longer important. The Nobel goes to whoever gets the most air time on MTV. Instead of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, I suggest that Al Gore be given a second place medal from the Nobel Committee for inventing the Internet.

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