Getting Your Hands on the Cypress PSoC

Rob Spiegel

March 23, 2015

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Getting Your Hands on the Cypress PSoC

The Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) development kit from Cypress Semiconductor only costs $49, and the kit makes it easy to build sophisticated devices such as glucose and heart-rate monitors. There is also a wealth of application notes on the Cypress website, as well as embedded datasheets within the PSoC Creator software.

You can also get nearly hands-on experience with the Cypress PSoC by attending Design News' Continuing Education Center course, Getting Hands-On with Cypress' PSoC, March 30-April 3 at 2 p.m. EST. This free course, sponsored by Digi-Key, will explore projects and case studies, as well as present the new PSoC BLE, which enables low-power wireless systems.

Getting Hands-On with Cypress' PSoC

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The Cypress PSoC comes with handy component building blocks such as op-amps, and digital and analog circuits (also known as mixed-signal technology) that are embedded within a microcontroller substrate. "The PSoC microcontroller lets you focus on product development as opposed to coding," said Don Wilcher, a Design News blogger who will be leading the week-long course. Wilcher has 26 years of experience with industrial design.

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The course, which will start out with a 30-minute lecture, followed by a 30-minute online Q&A, will give attendees the tools to get moving on developing products. "Once you get the design knowledge of the PSoC, you can rapidly create products and reduce the size of the product considerably due to the PSoC's all-in-one circuit components inside the microcontroller," said Wilcher. "Also, it's fun to use a PSoC in all types of electronics products and gadgets." Wilcher stressed the ease of use with the Cypress kit. "The key element is the ease with which product concepts can be rapidly developed using the PSoC Creator," he said. "No programming knowledge is required, which helps a lot."

Attendees will learn the core components (analog and digital circuit functions) inside of a PSoC, and they will also learn how to implement electronic designs using PSoC Creator. "We'll use examples of PSoCs to provide the inspiration and motivation so you can explore this PSoC on your own," said Wilcher. "We'll discuss the Internet of Things and how you can take part in this technology revolution with the PSoC BLE Pioneer kit."

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