Galil's SDM-20640 Amplifier Board

July 17, 2006

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Galil's SDM-20640 Amplifier Board

Money-saving simplicity in stepper motion control

This board is made for microstepping for stepper motors. It can attach directly to the controller's 96-pin DIN connector, with no cables required, and Galil's SDM-20620 works well with 2-axis applications. The SDM-20640 measures 6.92 × 5.10 inches. It includes four microstepping drives on one board, each capable of driving a two-phase bipolar stepper motor running at 18V dc to 60V dc at up to 3.5 Amps. They also put out 64 microsteps per full step or 256 steps per full cycle, for 12,800 steps per revolution for a standard 200-step motor, with a maximum step rate generated by the controller of 3 million microsteps/second.

Galil Motion Control

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