Fluorotech Develops Steel-Reinforced Teflon Film

DN Staff

October 15, 2009

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Fluorotech Develops Steel-Reinforced Teflon Film

Looking for a stronger version of fluoropolymer film? A Gainesville, FL company called Fluorotech has developed a Teflon film that is reinforced with an impregnated steel cloth. Fluorotech developed the material for an OEM that had been using regular Teflon film. “The regular Teflon film was causing problems with deformation and premature failure due to the weakness of thin Teflon materials,” says Ken Stuebe of Fluorotech. “This new material solved their problems and has since been adopted as an OEM part.”

The reinforced Teflon film is available in thicknesses from 0.0025-inch to 0.0065-inch. The thin-film diaphragm material has high tensile strength and excellent chemical resistance. It’s recommended for high-temperature applications where diaphragm integrity is critical. There is no adhesive. The Teflon (FEP) flows and encapsulates the wire cloth. It is not susceptible to creep. The wire cloth (0.0014-inch wire dia) is very expensive, leading to a high film cost.

fluorotech-11.jpgPhoto: Fluorotech

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