Flexural Pivots 19487

July 17, 2006

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Flexural Pivots

Low friction and long life on a lubrication-free pivot

This is a patented pivot that doesn't use lubrication, so it will work in a vacuum or super-clean area, and with no rubbing surfaces, it will also work in an unclean atmosphere without the problems of fretting or friction. With a radial design, the pivot has low hysteresis, center shift and thermal drift. The pivot uses springs with low cyclic stress, giving it an indefinite life, perfect for those critical, hard-to-get-at areas. It's often used in oscillating mirrors, lever linkages, instrument nulling, weighing machines, bearing preloading, gimbal rings; mirror positioning, scanners, fuel controls, and pressure and vibration transducers. It has cantilever or double-ended support configuration.

Riverhawk Co.


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