Faucet redux and Happy 2007

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January 2, 2007

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Faucet redux and Happy 2007

Well, it's Jan. 2, 2007 and it's back to work. Besides the usual over-eating and over-drinking, my holidays and time off were good. If only Christmas was a time to recharge the batteries!? The fact is the holiday season is stressful and harried. It is good time to gather the family and that we did. Now, it's back to business.

I have yet another update on the Delta faucet episode. After a week of waiting, Delta sent me the wrong color spout, but it was my fault. I specified the model 474-NN and it should have been the model 474-SS (as in stainless steel). I pinged Delta on New Year's Eve day and heard back on Jan. 1, 2007 that the new part was on the way. How's that for customer service?! They may have been on the look out for me, knowing I am the editor of a big magazine and writing about my faucet, but regardless, Delta's customer service has been terrific. And it's lifetime warranty on my kitchen faucet is real and easy. By easy, I mean the company doesn't make you provide reciepts, passports and birth certificates to get a free replacement.

I'll add that Delta's web site is among the best product centers online I've visited. It's attractive and well-ordered with pictures that can be enlarged to verify the right product. That said, I still flubbed the color.
I also thought Delta was straightforward and candid about the problems with the plastic threads in the faucet that were prone to stripping.        

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