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November 5, 2001

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The SOFTLINE swing-handle, used in NEMA 4 applications, features a sliding lock cover which fits installation of push-button cylinders or profile cylinders that protrude by 2.5 to 5 mm. The swing-handle is dust- and moisture-resistant, and works with profile cylinders, fitted cylinders, and inserts. Uses for the swing-handle include mechanical and plant engineering applications, and industrial and electrical enclosures.


Enter 610

Flange connector

E-CON(R) compact flange connector employs the company's self-energized and pressure-energized seal ring, positioned at the pipe's inside diameter separate from the piping loads. Elastic and uniform compression over the cross section of the seal ring reportedly eliminates stress. Flange range works from -420 to 1,750F temperatures and from low pressures to 30,000 psi.

Reflange Inc.,

Enter 611

Metal guards

Base-mounted coupling guards are made for large flexible couplings and fluid couplings. Consisting of powder-coated steel or aluminum, the guards enclose rotating members to prevent gaps larger than 6 mm. Stainless-steel hardware is included.

Orange Peel LLC,

Enter 612

Cutoff tools

A2 cutoff tooling is designed as an insert locking mechanism for heavy cuts and improved surface finish. A greater insert holding power is achieved with a fixed insert stop design that increases clamping forces automatically as cutting forces increase. The clamping system allows for higher locking forces by mating with inserts with top and bottom V-prisms. Cutoff tools are available in widths from 0.063 to 0.315 inch, and in KC5025 and KT315 grades.

Kennametal Inc.,

Enter 613

Engine-driven welder

Classic(R) 300G gasoline-powered engine-driven welder is available with a 15-gallon fuel tank for its General Motors 4-cylinder, 4-cycle, water-cooled industrial gasoline engine. An electronic engine idler allows users to reduce fuel consumption or extend engine life. Operating at 300A dc at 60% duty cycle, the welder uses 115 or 230V duplex receptacles to generate 3,000W ac auxiliary power. The 300G is intended for use by pipe welders and contractors.

Lincoln Electric Co.,

Enter 614


LCC-PM automated straightener/feeder systems, intended for coil-handling applications, operate metal material in sizes from 2.75 to 51.2 inches in width and 0.031 to 0.35 inch thick. The systems handle coils weighing from 6.615 to 11.025 lbs. The 26 different straightener/feeders have features including reportedly high-output ac servomotors, high-response controls, and touchless coil threading.

Oriimec Corp. of America,

Enter 615

Compression system

Door Edge Multipoint Compression System is geared for use on indoor enclosures in the computer, telecommunications, networking, and industrial machinery industries. Measuring 15 x 18 mm when installed, the system reportedly saves space, while also fitting 600- to 2,200-mm tall cabinets. Designed for flexibility, it is complete with a key-locking or non-locking lift-handle actuator.


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Lexan(R) Nameplates come with industrial adhesives designed for powder coat paints and rough surfaces. A velvet lexan finish resists scratching and scuffing. The nameplates also are engineered to resist solvents and chemicals such as oil, gasoline, grease, and household cleaners. Meeting UL and CSA guidelines, the nameplates reportedly withstand sun, rain, and high humidity.

Tailored Label Products Inc.,

Enter 617


High-flex cables and cable assemblies have high-packaging density, EMI resistance throughout flex range, precise signal control, and tough outer layers for harsh environments. Made for the automation industry, the cables are used in equipment design for linear motion, robotics, automated inspection, semiconductor manufacturing, and medical applications. Cables feature a bend radius of less than 50 mm and a life cycle of over 100 million cycles

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,

Enter 618

Perforated panels

Perforated panels reportedly cut installation time by eliminating the need to tap or drill holes. Self-tapping #8 screws are used in pre-punched 1/8-inch holes. Mounting works in small Type 3R hinged cover enclosures and small to medium Type 1 panel enclosures. Panels are made of perforated 16-gauge material and finished with an ANSI 61 gray powder coating.


Enter 619


Rol-E-Chain combines a wheel with cable carriers to replace sliding friction with rolling friction. Cable carriers using rollers in the side links create less friction, says the company. It is suited for cranes, plasma cutters, material-handling devices, and high-speed transfer systems.

igus Inc.,

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